1/2 Minute Break

Saturday, November 28, 2009 |

Stealing half a minute break...

I've got loads of assignments to do.. All due next week!!! I'm in such a deep shit!!!

Let's see...

1. Charcoal drawings - Due next Tuesday
Left one plant drawing - 90% done

2. 2D3D - Due next Thursday
Still thinking of my concept, but done with the basic outline - 65% done

3. Drawing Concept
    Typography                 - ALL DUE NEXT FRIDAY BEFORE 4:30PM!!!

- Veggie
  One done, one half done. Thinking of redo-ing d first one, but lack of time    - 60% done
- Machine
  I only rendered the black black parts.So shit!  - 35% done

-Expression Words
 Finished all but I think Old Miaow will reject 2 of them...so  80% done
- Typo Portrait
Vanessa Hudgens in progress.. the other 2..nil.  20% done

4. Studio Lighting  - Due Next Next Monday
Havent washed out the photos.havent cropped them, haven't finished Product Shooting.
And Artificial lighting 30 photos also half done.
-20% done

See... I'm in so deep SHITTTTT

God please gimme 72 hours per day!!!

Racing with time, 

1 comment:

  1. Xiang Wei
    if u think u can, u can!
    if u think u cannot, u still can!!!


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