1/2 Minute Break

Saturday, November 28, 2009 |

Stealing half a minute break...

I've got loads of assignments to do.. All due next week!!! I'm in such a deep shit!!!

Let's see...

1. Charcoal drawings - Due next Tuesday
Left one plant drawing - 90% done

2. 2D3D - Due next Thursday
Still thinking of my concept, but done with the basic outline - 65% done

3. Drawing Concept
    Typography                 - ALL DUE NEXT FRIDAY BEFORE 4:30PM!!!

- Veggie
  One done, one half done. Thinking of redo-ing d first one, but lack of time    - 60% done
- Machine
  I only rendered the black black parts.So shit!  - 35% done

-Expression Words
 Finished all but I think Old Miaow will reject 2 of them...so  80% done
- Typo Portrait
Vanessa Hudgens in progress.. the other 2..nil.  20% done

4. Studio Lighting  - Due Next Next Monday
Havent washed out the photos.havent cropped them, haven't finished Product Shooting.
And Artificial lighting 30 photos also half done.
-20% done

See... I'm in so deep SHITTTTT

God please gimme 72 hours per day!!!

Racing with time, 

Call me pro...please?

Saturday, November 21, 2009 |

-Edted Version- This photo keeps giving me the feeling of some poster cover!

Thanks Syeli for being the photographer!
Thanks me for photoshop-ing it!

I have no idea what to blog about. Life's been hectic these few weeks, and I dunno where to start from.  Just feel like blogging something while I have the time to. ( Going out later, waiting for time to pass...)

Last two weeks before Sem Break, and assignments are chasing us from behind, getting more and more closer every minute.

The studio photos turned out okay, at least for out non-major in photography standard. Plain white background is something that's not so easy to photo with. Tomorrow we're going out for the model photo shooting. OUTSIDE. Pray god it'll be better.

I'm losing my touch on my Nikon D80. Shit.

Once again, edited version.
I took this photo! Best pic of the day. 
But sadly not able to pass up as our assignment. Too random.  

I can't wait for holidays, but I dread the coming out of the results. Holidays please come slower so I can finish every assignment perfectly!!!!!

I'm so gonna dye my hair and perm it straight this holiday. And change so much-on the good side, of course. Who would wanna turn ugly?- that their eyeballs will fall out when they see me.

And I know you're muttering "as if that's possible" as you read this. *pouts mouth* 

Going to 书香 exhibition @The Mines now! Maybe I'll see Fei Shan there. =) 

Still photoshop-ing,

Non-leader material

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 |

Someone's not coming tomorrow. Not coming to something we've planned for ages. Not coming for something so important that it's been weighting down our heads for ages.

And now I'm in charge. SHIT.

I never was-and still not-a good leader. Not only do I prefer my own opinions over others, I tend to do things according to my own way too. I want everything to go my way, but in a group things don't go like this.

I dunno how to listen to everyone and stick with a solution that everyone is happy with. My idea won't necessary be their idea. My thoughts might not even be what they are thinking.

Then there's the arrangement of work. I can't really trust anyone else but me with the camera. I know this sounds a bit full of myself, but I really do think that I'm the one that should be handling it.

I dunno what the others are thinking. To them, could I be the one that's stealing away all the work and not letting them join in? Or the one that's not okay with anything but things done by myself?

I'm freaking scared. 

If there was a leader here, I'd be able to control myself. Cause I'm not the leader. I don't have the authority to order people around. I'm not the one who has to make the last decision. I'm crystal clear about that.

Zac I'm not angry you're going to be absent tomorrow. I'm angry cause you left me, all alone in this SCARY SITUATION!!!

Hopefully everything will go well tomorrow. A set of successful photos are worth offending others.

Fingers crossed, 


Saturday, November 14, 2009 |

"My History of Art Poster is a HUGE PIECE OF SHIT! "

Just felt like shouting that out loud.(literally) Because it really is. I'm wondering how to scrap a B+ in that sbject anymore.

Stressed every night before I fall asleep. Stressed every morning I wake up. Stressed when I'm driving. Stressed when I'm eating. I'm stressed even when I walk down the stairs.

I keep doing a bit of one assignment, then skip to another assignment. That's why I'm 1/2 done with everything now! Not even one assignment is fully finished. Bullshit.

A sneak peak of my drawing concept assignment. I messed up with the tomatoes.

Bored and with no idea where to start with,

One and only reason

Thursday, November 12, 2009 |

Honestly I dunno what is wrong with me recently. People around me seem so far away. So far away I can barely touch them even when they are so near to me.

I make people feel uncomfortable around me. I can't make people notice me. I can't shine out in a crowd. I get ignored all the time.

I'm not those kind of people that are very easy to be with, neither do I know how to say interesting things and humor everyone.

I'm just me. Simple plain me. 

Congratulations to you for making me emo. Be honoured to be the one and only reason.

Assignments are more important than anything else in the world right now. These things... can wait.

Gambateh me.Will try to blog ASAP.



Monday, November 9, 2009 |

Ya I know. I haven't updated my blog for like a few hundred years. Add or take a few.

Don't wory folks, I'm still alive!

Just drowning in assignments and threatened by the fact I can't get more than B for everything.

From now till 5th of December I'll be super busy. Anti Yam-cha, anti sing k, anti-fooling around!

Hopefully my damn hardworking effort will be replaced with a shining 4.0! As if that is going to happen...

Wish me good luck!

Up and Out,


Sunday, November 1, 2009 |





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