Wednesday, October 21, 2009 |

RM10 per day. 

Does that sound like a lot to you?

Maybe it does maybe it doesn't.

RM50 per week...?

That's a bit more isn't it?

Try RM200 per month. 

Damn lot of money right? Enough for a poor family's whole month expenses.

Yup. RM200. That's just how much I have to pay for my car petrol every month.

And that's only if I don't drive to anywhere else other than College and fetch my siblings. If I go somewhere else... the amount would definitely exceed RM200.And that money will have to come out from my own pocket.

Every time I grumble about my car outta petrol, I get scolded.
Every time I ask my mum to drive my car out to the petrol station, I get scolded.
Every time I drive my car out to somewhere that isn't called Segi, I get scolded.

Blame the fucking petrol.

I don't work. I barely have time to work. Where am I going to find RM200 per month to pay on my own? Impossible. I still have to rely on mummy for all the petrol money. And endure all the scolding.

Petrol is uncountable. I'm aware of that. Your passengers will never know how much to give, and you'll never know how much to ask for. It's something you can't possibly count on in figures.

I don't have a taxi meter in my car that increases every meter I go, for god's sake! And I'm not a taxi...Have you ever seen a Viva as a taxi before? *sweat*

I know a lot of people think I'm rich. But I'm not.

I try my best to be a good friend to everyone. I try to help whenever I can. I try to stand in other people's shoe and think for them.

But who will stand in my shoe and think for me?  

I don't want to be called stingy behind my back... I don't want to be the mean girl that haggles over just a few ringgits...

Wai Yan said this is the disadvantages of having a car. And you know what...? I totally agree.

I know there'll be a lot of talking after I blog this.
I know it'll change a lot of people's way of looking at me.
I know it'll make a lot of people have issues with me.

But I still have to say it out. 
Just like my thumb..I'm damn straight.


  1. maybe you could've suggest car pooling with your frenz whenever you guys are hanging out?

    or.. bounce back to the old time, take the bus and train. hahahaha

  2. Hero† : Den how much wud u suggest.. for a distance from Seri Kembangan to Equine..?


    It's too hard to count!!! And it's even harder to say out loud.


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