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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 |

My plans for tonight got canceled. And I was so bored I went and accepted all the Friend Requests piled up in my Friendster.

I seriously thought that Friendster had a spam or virus or bug or something. Cause the Friend Requests came non-stop! I'd select all and click accept. Then after those requests were accepted, new ones would show up again!

It's like they're all piled up in a box I can't see, and appear everytime i empty the most bottom of the box! Friendster nuts?

So my account went from 21XX friends to FULL in just one day.

So i opened my 4th acc. No big deal right? But I enjoy the glamour thought that comes with it. *Giggles*

Add me here if anyone of you are still playing Friendster! Even though as far as I know, TONS of people have got Facebook-addicted and totally ditched Friendster.

I'm just waiting to see how Friendster is going to improve itself and have world war III against Facebook.

And I think my 4th account is still under the spamming/bug/virus thingy....

1 comment:

  1. *put my hand up on ditching fs
    hahahaha xP


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