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18-10-2009, Sunday

Went to Midvalley. Nothing much to say about it actually, except that Midvalley just isn't some place I'd go if I wanted to seriously do some shopping.

But it's another case if I'm going there with my mum...

Anyway, went with Mark and Kai Wei. By CAR. I've never drove there before, and I was freaking scared we'd end up in KL or Cheras.

Met with Penny who was working there. Mark and Kai Wei both bought a wrist watch!


I got RM100 out from my ATM and bought nothing. Ishhhhhh

I wanna go Times Squareeeesssss!!!!

Yaw do you hear that???? XD 

Mark busy in the toilet 

Kai Wei and Me


Sometimes it's so hard to be the one making decisions. Some might be happy with your decisions, some might be not. Some might be flattered, some might be offended.

It really is hard...

Susah nak jadi orang lah...

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