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Thursday, October 15, 2009 |

My Mr and Miss Rights!

A lot of people get in college, starting a whole new life, and somehow... they end up all alone. It's not because they have personality problem, or as if they're not a good person.

It's just... they aren't lucky enough to meet the right people.

And I am so glad I was lucky enough to meet MY right people, not long after I entered college.

No alone meals, no sitting alone in class, no coming late in class and having no place to sit cause no one saved you a place.... So many things could have happened, but they didn't.

Maybe it's karma. I've always been a good person.

That's why I was just lucky enough to meet you all.

If I didn't...College life would never be the same as how it is now.

And I'm grateful I did. =)

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