Ice Skating @Sunway

Sunday, October 4, 2009 |

Zac, Shan and Me

2009-09-30, Wednesday

After one hell of discussion and quarreling and undecided decisions... we finally went ice skating at Sunway Pyramid!

Not much to blog about actually. Just the usual ice skating.

But I did get to see Pui Wai's girlfriend. Teeheee.

And Zac's girlfriend "fang fei ji" us and didn't show up. Such a disappointment.

Alex and Felicia

Felicia and Kai Yen didn't really know how to skate... So Alex and Sam had to help them most of the time. People might think they were couples, with all the holding hand and stuff.

And we me a little girl who was skating all on her own! Her parents were outside watching her. Usually kids didn't have such the courage. =)

The whole gang (-sook2, who was holding the camera)
+ little mei mei 

Me, Sam, Shan and Janko
Totally forgot why i was holding on to Sam. Maybe I had problem balancing tat time...?

Too bad I had to leave early that day. *sobs. Dentist appointment.

And next time I am sure to force Sook Sook to go in with us! Won't give her a reason not to! *hands on hips*

But their next plan is to go Sunway Lagoon... =.=

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