Happy Mooncake Festival!

Monday, October 5, 2009 |

2-10-2009, Friday

Okay...I know I'm a bit late, and everyone else had already posted their "Mooncake Festival" on their blog. But... the best is to be left for the last, isn't it?

Mark and I went to the Mooncake Festival Carnival at Pusat Perdagangan, Seri Kembangan. I looked stupid. For the first time ever,  I pull my hair into a ponytail, had no make up at all on my face ( Not even BB cream!) and went out.

I surprise even myself with my courage that day. I don't practically have the best skin in the world.

Well, at least I look okay...

We thought the Carnival would be FUN! With celebrations and a lot of people and games and preformances and FOOD!

Food? Still okay...Preformances? Sure. A lot of people? Damn sure. Fun...? Not quite.

Turned out more boring than I expected. Kids were running around everywhere while the noise from the stage was irritating. Such a huge difference from last last year.

We ended up sitting down at a cafe and ordered some drinks. Called Penny and asked her to come meet us there. Three was always better than two.

The moment Penny came, Mark suddenly noticed that the parade was starting. So we rushed to pay the bill and dash outside to find some tanglungs so we could enter the parade too.

Ishhhh... Just as we managed to find some free tanglungs the parade crowd came back to the stage area. Might have been because the parade journey was too short for us to imagine or just mainly because Mark saw the ending of it instead of the start.

Played around with the Tanglungs we got anyway.

Tanglungs! One for each of us.

And there were also candles! Awhhhh... missing our childhood time already. We had to run back and forth so many times to finally get a fire that survived. The kids next to us must be thinking : "These jiejies are so stupid. Can't even light up a candle." 

Mark's candles of LOVE

Her heart's broken and only half of it survived!
Can we live with only half a heart?

Me and Mark. Obviously trying to eat the candle!

Me and Penny

And..being the bad kids we were, we burnt the tanglungs in the end! Such a bad example shown for all the kids around. LOL.

The whole carnival ended at around 11pm, but not before all 10 bicycles were given out for the lucky draw event. My brother, who was on St. John duty that day, said that most people stayed till then just for those bikes.

That's why the lucky draw is always the last event, bro!

Been such a long time since I've been out and played around with Penny. Makes me miss the old times. =)


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