Happy Birthday Wai Ling!

Friday, October 23, 2009 |

Me and WaiLing

It's my No.1 Lao Gong's Birthday today! Let us all wish her a HUGE 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'!


18 years old pok pok chui lor~


Going to Times Square tomorrow. Finally. After all the complaining and grumbling on Facebook and repeating the word "TS" again and again....

I know Times Square means "cheap" to a lot of people. Some people describe it as a Pasar Malam with air-conditioner. But...DUH...as if I care what they think. I wanna go shopping and so I will go.

Pavillion or The Garden is not my style. Nor will I be able to make them into my style either.
Anyway, wish me luck on the road tomorrow. First KL road experience ever!

- Grateful I'm not a pig,

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