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Thursday, October 1, 2009 |

I'm so lazy to type this out!

Can you guys just go to the others' blog and read about what happened through them...?

Fen   /    Mong

Guess that's still a no... arghhhhh.

So I'm fixing my butt onto my chair, and my hands onto my keyboard....

Keep your butt on your own chair too, cause there's one hell a lot of pictures you need to wait to load...

Hopefully I took up enough time with all these crap for the starting few pictures to appear. =) You may read now. LOL. 


26-09-2009, Saturday

Woke up at 5:30am and reached KTM at 7am. Damn early! Took the KTM to Kuala Lumpur and WALKED to Pudu. Can you imagine how far that was? With all our luggage and stuff?

3 ppl busy walking on a saturday morning. =)

Met with Fei's friend at Pudu Station, where we all quietly waited for the bus to come. No idea what to say, no idea what to do... So, the best solution was to just stay quiet.

Took us a shorter time than I expected to reach Genting Skyline. In my short term memory, I remember the bus trip to be more longer. And boring.

Up the cabel car! My worries about the cabel car crashing down from a height of 100km never left me throughtout the whole journey.

We were only held on to the rope by one metal/plastic hanger. Nothing else! How was the Genting authorities suppose to assure us of our safety by only ONE ROPE AND ONE HANGER????


Despite all those worries, I'm here to prove I got to Genting with almost every part of my body still attached to my body. (Some hair might have got off, who knows...? CO2 certainly came out.)

Had a fuss while finding a hotel. This is what happens when you don't book earlier. Most of the hotels were FULL. We ended up at Resort Hotel, RM300++ per night.

But the view was SOOOOOO NICE! Kinda worth the price.

Theme Park view from Hotel room's window.

So we went in to the Theme Park, after fussing around in the room for like, 2 hours. The theme park was starting to get boring. I wonder if it's because we've been here too many times, or because we rather stayed in the hotel and lay down on the soft bed and enjoy the cold weather and SLEEP.

Honestly, half of their time at Genting was spent in their dreams. SLEEP NON-STOP.

As for the other three...Mainly me, Fen and Mian. We spent those times doing stupid things. Like French-kissing the dog...

Or... Lying down anywhere we could:


And most importantly... Cam-whoring! Gah! Appriciate us for doing so. Without our worth cameras/phone cameras, you all would have no photos to look at and not even a tinsy winsy bit of idea of what we did and saw up there!



Had Bah Kut Teh that night. RM75++. Then Fei went of to the Casino with her friend, leaving us 4 to play the indoor park by ourselves.

Indoor is even boring than outdoor.

Our night ended up being in the hotel room playing "chor dai di".

And we went to bed at 11 something. Or maybe earlier than that. No idea why. Fei came back and suddenly we were all preparing for bed.

One worse night though. My throat started to hurt in the middle of the night and I didn't get much sleep at all.


27-09-2009, Sunday

I was the first to wake up! Hooray!

Packed our things and prepared to check out. Everyone was still trying to lie on the bed as much as possible at the very last minute.

The dog is mine!!!

12pm check out, bus departing at 4:30pm.

I also dunno how we went through those 4 hours so quickly. It was like a sudden flash and then it was time to leave already.

Traffic was terrible all the way from Genting to Kuala Lumpur. A lot of car accidents and blocks.

LRT traffic was even terrible. So many people with so many luggages fighting to get in that one little door.

KTM traffic was the worst. We couldn't even get on the first train that came. All the people were pushing each other to get inside the door...while the middle of the train was still quite empty. I was near to bad mouthing all the people that stood fixed to the door area and didn't have the brain to actually think of others and move into the middle.

Bravo ONE Malaysia's KTM.

Fei got on the first train, so we waved her good bye with sadness on our face. *wipe tears*

We struggled to get in the second train that came. My luggage and I got seperated so far away I almost thought my hand would break off. 

And some fucking brainless guy thought he could steal my handphone from my pocket! At first I thought it was some pervert wanting to molest me, cause his fingers were tapping my right thigh continously. Then the fingers went to my right pocket and started tapping on my phone. I gripped my phone so hard through my jeans pocket WHILE trying to struggle in.

Fen said the same thing happened to her. The guy had pushed her phone halfway out but she came to alert just in time to stop him. AND give the fucking bastard a pinch in the arm.

Mong wasn't so lucky though. His phone got stolen somehow. No offense Mong, but your phone was the cheapest among us 4.

Got home at 7 something.

Next time we're going Genting...I'm so not going in the theme park anymore. Waste of money. >.<


Random Pics : 


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