Saturday, October 10, 2009 |

I'm drowning in a pool
And the name of that pool is called ASSIGNMENTS!

My blog proves that the absence of Mark and Kai Wei and Yaw makes my whole life boring. So boring until I have totally nothing to blog about.

Okay.Maybe not that serious.

My college life is still exciting. But in a different way that I dunno how to write out in words.

Anyway, I've been so busy lately I seldom online anymore! Anyone who knows me should know that my whole life is practically relied on my Acer Honey.

And me leaving it aside for one whole night without touching it, is like seeing a purple elephant walking on the street with angel wings and a pink bra.

And not to forget, the love of my life...the modem! Too bad it gets closed at around 12 every night. *sobs*

Assignments are rushing down on me like a Tsunami. Or maybe a 7.9 earthquake. I'm buried deep down in it but I still have to try my way to come out.

I'm fully aware it was-and is-my own fault for leaving all these things till the very last moment. *finds a hole and sticks my head in it*

Laziness is a kind of sickness. Just like flu. It SPREADS!

I swear I will not leave my assignments until last minute anymore starting from this day on. I willplan everything nicely and set down a schedule to finish things part by part.

And I will start doing that when I finish all my current assignments. (Where 3 of them are due next week) AND survive next week.

And someone throw me a life jacket or a rope or something....  

I can't swim!!!

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