Warm feeling

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 |

Waking up in the morning and seeing this on the table
It's a warm feeling

It may not look delicious or satistfying
And others would make a "yuck" face after seeing it. 

This is my warm feeling
And no one else will feel it but me. 

Thanks Mum for making me this breakfast
when you had to leave for some faraway school at 6:30am

Even though I don't say it..
But that doesn't mean I don't...

I love you, mum. =)

Grumble grumble

Sunday, October 25, 2009 |

Someday before going to class... 

Sleepless nights...  Endless assignments....

My eye bags and pimples...

Sometimes I really hate myself.


Suddenly I woke up from the dream I had been in for ages... and realised that it's already the end of October!!! 

Semester ends at the end of November... so technically...it means I have ONLY one more month to finish all my assignments!!

Oh. My. GOD.

I might as well jump off Segi's 12th floor.

Fuck the 3.2 CGPA. It means I need a lot of As!!!!!

Happy Birthday Wai Ling!

Friday, October 23, 2009 |

Me and WaiLing

It's my No.1 Lao Gong's Birthday today! Let us all wish her a HUGE 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'!


18 years old pok pok chui lor~


Going to Times Square tomorrow. Finally. After all the complaining and grumbling on Facebook and repeating the word "TS" again and again....

I know Times Square means "cheap" to a lot of people. Some people describe it as a Pasar Malam with air-conditioner. But...DUH...as if I care what they think. I wanna go shopping and so I will go.

Pavillion or The Garden is not my style. Nor will I be able to make them into my style either.
Anyway, wish me luck on the road tomorrow. First KL road experience ever!

- Grateful I'm not a pig,

p/s Please do take a little time to do the Poll at my blog (located at your right hand side). It really means a lot to me. Thanks so much. *blow kisses*  

p/p/s And do press the ads whenever you can! They're my sole income now!!! 

New account!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 |

My plans for tonight got canceled. And I was so bored I went and accepted all the Friend Requests piled up in my Friendster.

I seriously thought that Friendster had a spam or virus or bug or something. Cause the Friend Requests came non-stop! I'd select all and click accept. Then after those requests were accepted, new ones would show up again!

It's like they're all piled up in a box I can't see, and appear everytime i empty the most bottom of the box!

Seriously...is Friendster nuts?

So my account went from 21XX friends to FULL in just one day.

So i opened my 4th acc. No big deal right? But I enjoy the glamour thought that comes with it. *Giggles*

Add me here if anyone of you are still playing Friendster! Even though as far as I know, TONS of people have got Facebook-addicted and totally ditched Friendster.

I'm just waiting to see how Friendster is going to improve itself and have world war III against Facebook.

And I think my 4th account is still under the spamming/bug/virus thingy....


RM10 per day. 

Does that sound like a lot to you?

Maybe it does maybe it doesn't.

RM50 per week...?

That's a bit more isn't it?

Try RM200 per month. 

Damn lot of money right? Enough for a poor family's whole month expenses.

Yup. RM200. That's just how much I have to pay for my car petrol every month.

And that's only if I don't drive to anywhere else other than College and fetch my siblings. If I go somewhere else... the amount would definitely exceed RM200.And that money will have to come out from my own pocket.

Every time I grumble about my car outta petrol, I get scolded.
Every time I ask my mum to drive my car out to the petrol station, I get scolded.
Every time I drive my car out to somewhere that isn't called Segi, I get scolded.

Blame the fucking petrol.

I don't work. I barely have time to work. Where am I going to find RM200 per month to pay on my own? Impossible. I still have to rely on mummy for all the petrol money. And endure all the scolding.

Petrol is uncountable. I'm aware of that. Your passengers will never know how much to give, and you'll never know how much to ask for. It's something you can't possibly count on in figures.

I don't have a taxi meter in my car that increases every meter I go, for god's sake! And I'm not a taxi...Have you ever seen a Viva as a taxi before? *sweat*

I know a lot of people think I'm rich. But I'm not.

I try my best to be a good friend to everyone. I try to help whenever I can. I try to stand in other people's shoe and think for them.

But who will stand in my shoe and think for me?  

I don't want to be called stingy behind my back... I don't want to be the mean girl that haggles over just a few ringgits...

Wai Yan said this is the disadvantages of having a car. And you know what...? I totally agree.

I know there'll be a lot of talking after I blog this.
I know it'll change a lot of people's way of looking at me.
I know it'll make a lot of people have issues with me.

But I still have to say it out. 
Just like my thumb..I'm damn straight.


Monday, October 19, 2009 |

18-10-2009, Sunday

Went to Midvalley. Nothing much to say about it actually, except that Midvalley just isn't some place I'd go if I wanted to seriously do some shopping.

But it's another case if I'm going there with my mum...

Anyway, went with Mark and Kai Wei. By CAR. I've never drove there before, and I was freaking scared we'd end up in KL or Cheras.

Met with Penny who was working there. Mark and Kai Wei both bought a wrist watch!


I got RM100 out from my ATM and bought nothing. Ishhhhhh

I wanna go Times Squareeeesssss!!!!

Yaw do you hear that???? XD 

Mark busy in the toilet 

Kai Wei and Me


Sometimes it's so hard to be the one making decisions. Some might be happy with your decisions, some might be not. Some might be flattered, some might be offended.

It really is hard...

Susah nak jadi orang lah...

2D3D Assignment 2

Sunday, October 18, 2009 |

Assignment 2 : Texture

Made from plaster and coffee spoons

Made from yellow beans, cotton buds and bread tags 

Made from satay sticks, gauze and nescafe powder. 

Very very tiredsome assignment!


Going to edit Mark's photo first, then clean my room, THEN do my laundry.

Will blog soon. =)


Just my luck

Thursday, October 15, 2009 |

My Mr and Miss Rights!

A lot of people get in college, starting a whole new life, and somehow... they end up all alone. It's not because they have personality problem, or as if they're not a good person.

It's just... they aren't lucky enough to meet the right people.

And I am so glad I was lucky enough to meet MY right people, not long after I entered college.

No alone meals, no sitting alone in class, no coming late in class and having no place to sit cause no one saved you a place.... So many things could have happened, but they didn't.

Maybe it's karma. I've always been a good person.

That's why I was just lucky enough to meet you all.

If I didn't...College life would never be the same as how it is now.

And I'm grateful I did. =)


Saturday, October 10, 2009 |

I'm drowning in a pool
And the name of that pool is called ASSIGNMENTS!

My blog proves that the absence of Mark and Kai Wei and Yaw makes my whole life boring. So boring until I have totally nothing to blog about.

Okay.Maybe not that serious.

My college life is still exciting. But in a different way that I dunno how to write out in words.

Anyway, I've been so busy lately I seldom online anymore! Anyone who knows me should know that my whole life is practically relied on my Acer Honey.

And me leaving it aside for one whole night without touching it, is like seeing a purple elephant walking on the street with angel wings and a pink bra.

And not to forget, the love of my life...the modem! Too bad it gets closed at around 12 every night. *sobs*

Assignments are rushing down on me like a Tsunami. Or maybe a 7.9 earthquake. I'm buried deep down in it but I still have to try my way to come out.

I'm fully aware it was-and is-my own fault for leaving all these things till the very last moment. *finds a hole and sticks my head in it*

Laziness is a kind of sickness. Just like flu. It SPREADS!

I swear I will not leave my assignments until last minute anymore starting from this day on. I willplan everything nicely and set down a schedule to finish things part by part.

And I will start doing that when I finish all my current assignments. (Where 3 of them are due next week) AND survive next week.

And someone throw me a life jacket or a rope or something....  

I can't swim!!!

Happy Mooncake Festival!

Monday, October 5, 2009 |

2-10-2009, Friday

Okay...I know I'm a bit late, and everyone else had already posted their "Mooncake Festival" on their blog. But... the best is to be left for the last, isn't it?

Mark and I went to the Mooncake Festival Carnival at Pusat Perdagangan, Seri Kembangan. I looked stupid. For the first time ever,  I pull my hair into a ponytail, had no make up at all on my face ( Not even BB cream!) and went out.

I surprise even myself with my courage that day. I don't practically have the best skin in the world.

Well, at least I look okay...

We thought the Carnival would be FUN! With celebrations and a lot of people and games and preformances and FOOD!

Food? Still okay...Preformances? Sure. A lot of people? Damn sure. Fun...? Not quite.

Turned out more boring than I expected. Kids were running around everywhere while the noise from the stage was irritating. Such a huge difference from last last year.

We ended up sitting down at a cafe and ordered some drinks. Called Penny and asked her to come meet us there. Three was always better than two.

The moment Penny came, Mark suddenly noticed that the parade was starting. So we rushed to pay the bill and dash outside to find some tanglungs so we could enter the parade too.

Ishhhh... Just as we managed to find some free tanglungs the parade crowd came back to the stage area. Might have been because the parade journey was too short for us to imagine or just mainly because Mark saw the ending of it instead of the start.

Played around with the Tanglungs we got anyway.

Tanglungs! One for each of us.

And there were also candles! Awhhhh... missing our childhood time already. We had to run back and forth so many times to finally get a fire that survived. The kids next to us must be thinking : "These jiejies are so stupid. Can't even light up a candle." 

Mark's candles of LOVE

Her heart's broken and only half of it survived!
Can we live with only half a heart?

Me and Mark. Obviously trying to eat the candle!

Me and Penny

And..being the bad kids we were, we burnt the tanglungs in the end! Such a bad example shown for all the kids around. LOL.

The whole carnival ended at around 11pm, but not before all 10 bicycles were given out for the lucky draw event. My brother, who was on St. John duty that day, said that most people stayed till then just for those bikes.

That's why the lucky draw is always the last event, bro!

Been such a long time since I've been out and played around with Penny. Makes me miss the old times. =)

Ice Skating @Sunway

Sunday, October 4, 2009 |

Zac, Shan and Me

2009-09-30, Wednesday

After one hell of discussion and quarreling and undecided decisions... we finally went ice skating at Sunway Pyramid!

Not much to blog about actually. Just the usual ice skating.

But I did get to see Pui Wai's girlfriend. Teeheee.

And Zac's girlfriend "fang fei ji" us and didn't show up. Such a disappointment.

Alex and Felicia

Felicia and Kai Yen didn't really know how to skate... So Alex and Sam had to help them most of the time. People might think they were couples, with all the holding hand and stuff.

And we me a little girl who was skating all on her own! Her parents were outside watching her. Usually kids didn't have such the courage. =)

The whole gang (-sook2, who was holding the camera)
+ little mei mei 

Me, Sam, Shan and Janko
Totally forgot why i was holding on to Sam. Maybe I had problem balancing tat time...?

Too bad I had to leave early that day. *sobs. Dentist appointment.

And next time I am sure to force Sook Sook to go in with us! Won't give her a reason not to! *hands on hips*

But their next plan is to go Sunway Lagoon... =.=

Read about the same day on others' blog!  :: Kai Yen :: 

Genting Trip

Thursday, October 1, 2009 |

I'm so lazy to type this out!

Can you guys just go to the others' blog and read about what happened through them...?

Fen   /    Mong

Guess that's still a no... arghhhhh.

So I'm fixing my butt onto my chair, and my hands onto my keyboard....

Keep your butt on your own chair too, cause there's one hell a lot of pictures you need to wait to load...

Hopefully I took up enough time with all these crap for the starting few pictures to appear. =) You may read now. LOL. 


26-09-2009, Saturday

Woke up at 5:30am and reached KTM at 7am. Damn early! Took the KTM to Kuala Lumpur and WALKED to Pudu. Can you imagine how far that was? With all our luggage and stuff?

3 ppl busy walking on a saturday morning. =)

Met with Fei's friend at Pudu Station, where we all quietly waited for the bus to come. No idea what to say, no idea what to do... So, the best solution was to just stay quiet.

Took us a shorter time than I expected to reach Genting Skyline. In my short term memory, I remember the bus trip to be more longer. And boring.

Up the cabel car! My worries about the cabel car crashing down from a height of 100km never left me throughtout the whole journey.

We were only held on to the rope by one metal/plastic hanger. Nothing else! How was the Genting authorities suppose to assure us of our safety by only ONE ROPE AND ONE HANGER????


Despite all those worries, I'm here to prove I got to Genting with almost every part of my body still attached to my body. (Some hair might have got off, who knows...? CO2 certainly came out.)

Had a fuss while finding a hotel. This is what happens when you don't book earlier. Most of the hotels were FULL. We ended up at Resort Hotel, RM300++ per night.

But the view was SOOOOOO NICE! Kinda worth the price.

Theme Park view from Hotel room's window.

So we went in to the Theme Park, after fussing around in the room for like, 2 hours. The theme park was starting to get boring. I wonder if it's because we've been here too many times, or because we rather stayed in the hotel and lay down on the soft bed and enjoy the cold weather and SLEEP.

Honestly, half of their time at Genting was spent in their dreams. SLEEP NON-STOP.

As for the other three...Mainly me, Fen and Mian. We spent those times doing stupid things. Like French-kissing the dog...

Or... Lying down anywhere we could:


And most importantly... Cam-whoring! Gah! Appriciate us for doing so. Without our worth cameras/phone cameras, you all would have no photos to look at and not even a tinsy winsy bit of idea of what we did and saw up there!



Had Bah Kut Teh that night. RM75++. Then Fei went of to the Casino with her friend, leaving us 4 to play the indoor park by ourselves.

Indoor is even boring than outdoor.

Our night ended up being in the hotel room playing "chor dai di".

And we went to bed at 11 something. Or maybe earlier than that. No idea why. Fei came back and suddenly we were all preparing for bed.

One worse night though. My throat started to hurt in the middle of the night and I didn't get much sleep at all.


27-09-2009, Sunday

I was the first to wake up! Hooray!

Packed our things and prepared to check out. Everyone was still trying to lie on the bed as much as possible at the very last minute.

The dog is mine!!!

12pm check out, bus departing at 4:30pm.

I also dunno how we went through those 4 hours so quickly. It was like a sudden flash and then it was time to leave already.

Traffic was terrible all the way from Genting to Kuala Lumpur. A lot of car accidents and blocks.

LRT traffic was even terrible. So many people with so many luggages fighting to get in that one little door.

KTM traffic was the worst. We couldn't even get on the first train that came. All the people were pushing each other to get inside the door...while the middle of the train was still quite empty. I was near to bad mouthing all the people that stood fixed to the door area and didn't have the brain to actually think of others and move into the middle.

Bravo ONE Malaysia's KTM.

Fei got on the first train, so we waved her good bye with sadness on our face. *wipe tears*

We struggled to get in the second train that came. My luggage and I got seperated so far away I almost thought my hand would break off. 

And some fucking brainless guy thought he could steal my handphone from my pocket! At first I thought it was some pervert wanting to molest me, cause his fingers were tapping my right thigh continously. Then the fingers went to my right pocket and started tapping on my phone. I gripped my phone so hard through my jeans pocket WHILE trying to struggle in.

Fen said the same thing happened to her. The guy had pushed her phone halfway out but she came to alert just in time to stop him. AND give the fucking bastard a pinch in the arm.

Mong wasn't so lucky though. His phone got stolen somehow. No offense Mong, but your phone was the cheapest among us 4.

Got home at 7 something.

Next time we're going Genting...I'm so not going in the theme park anymore. Waste of money. >.<


Random Pics : 


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