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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 |

30-8-2009, Sunday

It was raining slightly when my family and I departed for Ipoh. Dad has decided to go their as a simply vacation, and go visit a friend of his that just gave birth.

The weather was cold, suitable enough for sleeping.

And then the most unlucky thing happened to us! Suddenly the car was making funny noises, and the noises got louder and louder.

The car was stopped immediately at the emergency lane and we all jumped out to see what happened.

So the tyre was punctured! Just how unlucky were we? TWO big holes in the tyre. Apparently caused by a small metal piece and a big crooked nail. Our guess was that some heartless people threw these on the road, so they could get big money from us. Selfish people. >.<

Metal piece in tyre

I stood by the highway as my dad changed the tyres. It was quite scary actually. I could feel the cars swishing by, and their speed caused some sort of force that made me unbalanced.

Yet I volunteered to put the emergency sign a few meters away from the car. Just to test my bravery. LOL. Though I doubt anyone could see it. It was so UN-OBVIOUS.

Would you see this if you were going 100km/h?

Thank god the spare tyre in the car boot was still in good condition. But we had a slight- HUGE-problem.

The tyre was TINY. And THIN. And on it "TEMPORARILY USE ONLY" was written. Forced us to exit the highway and stop at some car shop to buy a new tyre.

Rm144 flew away~ The guy ketuk us by saying it was a public holiday and the price was higher than usual.


Went to Hot Springs afterwards to have a change of mood. There was relatively a lot of people there for somewhere I never heard before in my whole life.

The water was really HOT! Not just hot, it was a burning temperature! The highest temperature was around 100 degree Celsius!

Eggs could be cooked fully in 7 minutes in that water!

Enjoying 42-50 degree Celsius of water

Mum and Dad enjoying too~

And then when we got out from the hotsprings and was on our way home, we found out that we were supposed to pay entrance fee in order to get in! One ticket costed RM10!

I pull back what I just said about us being unlucky. We are so damn lucky!


Next stop was lunch!

Kampar's famous Curry Chicken in Bread! Something we never miss when we visit Perak/Ipoh.

And its getting more and more yummier! So much better than the ones we see at KL

After that we went to visit Dad's friend and went to check in the hotel. One day passed by at such a rapid speed.

Ipoh's a nice city. It may not have high buildings or busy traffic or even high classed shopping malls... But its still nice and cosy.

Eventhough I'd choose KL over it anytime. Hehe

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  1. Yorr~ Xiang~~
    Ur trip seems like so fun~!!!!
    I wish I can have the same trip one day... =(


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