One more week to go!

Sunday, September 13, 2009 |

Been so busy lately! Everyday I wake up to a bunch of assignments and homework; every night I fall asleep thinking about the assignments and homework.

Sometimes I wonder if I was wrong to take 6 subjects for this semester.

One week more before Raya holidays, and I'll have plenty of time to finish my homework slowly by then. With the rate I'm going on currently, (I used one whole day to finish one paper of my typography work), 2 weeks might not even be enough!

I already have so much plans for my holidays that I'm kinda worried my homework will be ignored totally. No play and all work makes me a dull gal. >.<


Me and my design gang went to Snowflakes that day, and Zac made this very artistic-erm-3d object. XD

Made from a spoon, two pearls, and some water.

We have to appreciate this kind of art also. Just like how we appreciate nudity, according to my history of art lecturer. Lol.

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