New layout!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 |


Just finished my new blog layout! Now I can tick it off my holiday To-Do-List and stop bothering about it. Will be fully focused on my homework from now on.

But I haven't cleaned my room yet. Boohooo. No mood in doing that either.

Anyway. I decided to ditch the perfectly easy and boring XML template, and changed it into the old HTML ones! More options, more ideas, more FUN!

Buh-bye widgets, welcome inner HTML!

The words above are the navigation keys-obviously. Easy enough to understand, since the words say it all. Blog is for blog, profile is for profile, et ceteria.

Spent almost one whole night with my nose in the computer screen, trying to figure out all the HTML codes. The last time I made such a layout was 4 years ago. *Knock head*. Starting to lose the knack of it.

And I know Wai Yan will kill me for making another totally pink layout again. >.<

Same as usual, tell me if you find anything out of margin or weird looking when you view it with your computer.

I'm still in my emo state, for those who care, and I'm very unlikely to turn back normal in a few days time. Remind me though, if I'm acting bitchy to you.

Still have 2 posts in stock to blog, but I'm too tired now to think of any of it. Maybe later at night, if there aren't suddenly plans popping up.

Happy Holidays. =)

p/s Wuliao you still owe me a "I love you too" XD


  1. woahhh nice layout la xiang! lol..
    anyway where's your spam box? the one that ppl write stuffs one. you didn't put it yet?

  2. i think i saw your chat box up there already. i keep looking at the side there. my mistake.. xD


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