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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 |

20-09-2009, Sunday

Slept at 9pm the day before, for some reason you all know, and woke up at 9am. Ngam ngam 12 hours! Such a relieve...

Anyway, I woke up to find my cellphone full of messages. Mostly about : "Xiang. Tmr sing k lo" of "xw tmr go sing k la..."

I just wanted to go out for breakfast... I'm officially bankrup-ed. There were only a few notes left in my wallet. *sobs*

Then Kai Wei called me at 10 smth, and....

I rather not talk about how an easily be-convinced person I am.

So we went to Greenbox at Cheras Selatan. Rm16 gone..... *stil sobbing*

It says (eat drink play happy sing)!!!


Yaw was the driver today! A nice change to actually sit at the back seat for once.

No one wanted to go home after that, so we went to Winmild Cafe, Puchong. Quite far, but quite special for us to be far far farrrrr away from the places we usually went.

Yaw tripped after coming down from her car. One huge scratch cut.

The cut didn't effect us though..Ordered some drinks then started to non-stop photo-cam! Yaw's long time wish finally came true! Enough photos for us to last for a year!

The gals

Full album at


Went to IOI afterwards. Just for fun.

Yaw did her first backway parking! Woohoooooo!

Hooray for Yaw. Even if its not a big deal.
She's done it a lot of times. I'm just exaggerating XD

Went home empty hands. We used a lot of time to decided but in the end we still bought nothing. Decided to go my house for dinner. All 4 of us. My mum's cooking. Lucky them. XD

And everyone went home at 9pm. The End.

Such a happy day. I just love going out with them. *big smile*

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