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Monday, September 28, 2009 |

22-09-2009,  Tuesday

We have a healthy lifestyle. You know what a healthy lifestyle is...? It's waking up at the break of dawn, then going out for dim sum at 8am! 

Dunno who's idea, but we certainly managed to do it. Including waking some sleepy people up from their nice, warm, cosy bed....

I fetched Yaw, Mark and Wai Yan and we went to Puchong to eat Dim Sum. Almost got lost on the way, and I had to call my cousin for help. So silly of us. The road was just ahead of us and we went to the wrong lane. =.=

Me, Yan and Yaw

First thing we did when we sat down was order a jug of tea. Chinese tea! Those kind of tea that I usually drink only at weddings and with my family! Means we're family... Woohoo!

 RM27 for the whole table, 4 people. Such a cheap breakfast.

We went back to the crime scene!

If any of you has been following my blog, you'll remember that I mentioned Yaw tripping at a longkang somewhere in Puchong.

The hole's guilty of charge!!! (Though you might not see the hole in the photo.)

(And ignore my stupid attire. Woke up too early to match my clothes.)


Who says we have to go out late night to have fun? Waking up early in the morning can also be as fun as night!

The best thing is....the parents don't get to scold me! I didn't pass my curfew, and I'm waking up 3 hours earlier than usual! They should be thrilled!!!

*Hysterical laughter*

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