Morning Kaki 2

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 |

24-09-2009, Thursday

Once again we're waking up at 8am and piling into my car. Our original intention was to eat bah kut teh. A lot of people suggested us to go Klang, which is so damn freaking far, but our car stopped at Puchong once again.

I've been to Puchong 3 times  in just a week!  Sienz larh...

Ended up here. Highly NOT recommend it.

Yup, as shown, we had dim sum again. Boring dim sum.

Today we had a new member! Yaw's friend from Matrikulasi : Lam gor! He lived at Kinrara so we went to fetch him on the way.

 Gui and Lam gor...

Medusa's evil hair XD



Another early morning breakfast. I'm starting to wonder if we're getting addicted to this morning routine.

Went to Equine and had 魚丸粉. Nobody had any other suggestions. Got home at 10am. Freaking early.!

Last day I saw Yaw during the Raya Holidays though... 

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