Handmade Fruit Tarts

Thursday, September 24, 2009 |

I made a bunch of fruit tarts! The delicious,yummy and satisfying fruit tarts!

My uncle taught me the recipe that day when we were at Banting. A lot of work, but much more easier than I imagined.

The baking of the tarts !

Fully baked tarts. With nothing on it.

Adding custard onto the tarts...


Nicely made tarts! 

Added grapes, pineapple and kiwi on the tarts. Then a layer of sugar icing.

Though...I'm likely going to be making them again. Too much trouble and too much materials and equipments to buy.

For those who got a chance to eat them... consider yourself lucky!


Happy 16th Birthday to Zhe Wu!

I know Xiang Zhi gave you some of these tarts as a present-even though he did help out a bit-I WAS THE ONE WHO MADE THEM!



p/s To Blogger authorities :

Just used the new posting tool, and I'm glad there's finally an improvement in the upload pictures problem. It's much more easier to use now. Thanks so much. =)

And I take back what I said before about how your uploader sucked.


  1. d tarts are nice!!!
    I am sooooo lucky cos got d chance 2 taste it ^^

  2. so nice nia...
    gt chance teach me ya...


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