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Sunday, September 20, 2009 |

18-09-2009, Friday

Last day of school before Raya Holidays! And Carmen's BBQ was on this night too.

After school Fei Shan and I rushed home to take a rest before departing to Subang for the second time that day. Was planning on spending the night there, but no idea whose...

Went to Zac's house first. Sook Sook was already there. Fooled around a bit with make up and Zac's hair styling machine. And suddenly us 3 girls were changing our hair style from straight to curl, and vice versa.

My hair is super long when in straight!

Went to Taipan and bought a cake and a cloth as Carmen's birthday gift afterwards. It started to rain by then, and the rain started to come more and more heavier!

We were among the first to get to Carmen's house. The fire had already been setted up though, and Carmen's parents were most welcoming. They made us feel so like home we started doing crazy things that we used to do all the time.

Like laughing and speaking at the top of our voice ;
Like sitting around at any chair we could find;
Like fussing with everything we saw;

and kacau-ing Carmen's pet hamster! Haha

The rain started to stop soon after, and the BBQ started!

My plate XD

My usual habit : Fill a whole plate then eat them all at once. I enjoy the process, so most of my chicken wings ended up in someone else's plate. I couldn't finish the either. *sweat*

Its a sausages and two fishballs!
Zac's creation

Carmen's Rasberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe! The SR staff was stupid enough to draw a double heart for our message. We intended it to be as in : "We *heart* u". Double hearts is like a couple thing. So not suitable for birthdays.

The birthday girl and boy: Carmen and Carmen bro!

Plans came up suddenly, and we had to leave at 11pm. The parents still wanted us to stay a bit longer. Very very warm feeling.

But being Cinderella, we still left. Thanks Carmen's parents for everything they did, and...

Happy 18th Birthday Carmen!
(Even though your birthday isn't exactly on that day^^)


I love this pic! Main reason..? Because I look nice in it XD

Alcohol does a lot of things to me.
Not only does it alter the things I do and say...
It alters my brain and thoughts...

I don't want myself to be thinking about all this
I don't want my brain to be full of the same thought
I don't want to close my eyes and remember everything
Cause I know its not right

Blame the alcohol, girl.

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