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I got this on 25th September! Such a coincidence since it was Xiao Jie's birthday that day!

And I got so excited I left my IC at the post office. =.= 

Album Cover

From top left 1st row: Xiao Jie, Prince
2nd row: Xiao Yu(with a luv...wheeee),  Ah Wei
3rd Row : Wei Lian, Ao Quan



Morning Kaki 2

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 |

24-09-2009, Thursday

Once again we're waking up at 8am and piling into my car. Our original intention was to eat bah kut teh. A lot of people suggested us to go Klang, which is so damn freaking far, but our car stopped at Puchong once again.

I've been to Puchong 3 times  in just a week!  Sienz larh...

Ended up here. Highly NOT recommend it.

Yup, as shown, we had dim sum again. Boring dim sum.

Today we had a new member! Yaw's friend from Matrikulasi : Lam gor! He lived at Kinrara so we went to fetch him on the way.

 Gui and Lam gor...

Medusa's evil hair XD



Another early morning breakfast. I'm starting to wonder if we're getting addicted to this morning routine.

Went to Equine and had 魚丸粉. Nobody had any other suggestions. Got home at 10am. Freaking early.!

Last day I saw Yaw during the Raya Holidays though... 

Morning Kaki

Monday, September 28, 2009 |

22-09-2009,  Tuesday

We have a healthy lifestyle. You know what a healthy lifestyle is...? It's waking up at the break of dawn, then going out for dim sum at 8am! 

Dunno who's idea, but we certainly managed to do it. Including waking some sleepy people up from their nice, warm, cosy bed....

I fetched Yaw, Mark and Wai Yan and we went to Puchong to eat Dim Sum. Almost got lost on the way, and I had to call my cousin for help. So silly of us. The road was just ahead of us and we went to the wrong lane. =.=

Me, Yan and Yaw

First thing we did when we sat down was order a jug of tea. Chinese tea! Those kind of tea that I usually drink only at weddings and with my family! Means we're family... Woohoo!

 RM27 for the whole table, 4 people. Such a cheap breakfast.

We went back to the crime scene!

If any of you has been following my blog, you'll remember that I mentioned Yaw tripping at a longkang somewhere in Puchong.

The hole's guilty of charge!!! (Though you might not see the hole in the photo.)

(And ignore my stupid attire. Woke up too early to match my clothes.)


Who says we have to go out late night to have fun? Waking up early in the morning can also be as fun as night!

The best thing is....the parents don't get to scold me! I didn't pass my curfew, and I'm waking up 3 hours earlier than usual! They should be thrilled!!!

*Hysterical laughter*


Friday, September 25, 2009 |

What exactly does TTFN means...?

TTFN = TaTa For Now

Cool right? Learned it from Winnie the Pooh's Tigger.

Anyway, why am I saying TTFN?


I'm going to Genting tomorrow! Staying there for 1 night then coming back on Sunday. Don't miss me too much guys. =)


Thursday, September 24, 2009 |

Attention :mark以及所有其他對我的瘋狂行為有意見的人,你們不必讀下去。








目睹了你的成長 你的進步 你的自信
你的從容 你的淡定 你的細心
我們可以了解你更多, 給你更多的歡樂和愛護.



who care's?





關注你 了解你
追蹤你 follow你
看著你 迷戀你
喜歡你  愛你



 pictures credit : http://forum.woo.com.tw 小傑區

p/s 我決定了 明天一整天就聽你的歌好了XD 
湘的祝福 :http://forum.woo.com.tw/viewthread.php?tid=299176&page=22#pid25889633

Handmade Fruit Tarts

I made a bunch of fruit tarts! The delicious,yummy and satisfying fruit tarts!

My uncle taught me the recipe that day when we were at Banting. A lot of work, but much more easier than I imagined.

The baking of the tarts !

Fully baked tarts. With nothing on it.

Adding custard onto the tarts...


Nicely made tarts! 

Added grapes, pineapple and kiwi on the tarts. Then a layer of sugar icing.

Though...I'm likely going to be making them again. Too much trouble and too much materials and equipments to buy.

For those who got a chance to eat them... consider yourself lucky!


Happy 16th Birthday to Zhe Wu!

I know Xiang Zhi gave you some of these tarts as a present-even though he did help out a bit-I WAS THE ONE WHO MADE THEM!



p/s To Blogger authorities :

Just used the new posting tool, and I'm glad there's finally an improvement in the upload pictures problem. It's much more easier to use now. Thanks so much. =)

And I take back what I said before about how your uploader sucked.

New layout!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 |


Just finished my new blog layout! Now I can tick it off my holiday To-Do-List and stop bothering about it. Will be fully focused on my homework from now on.

But I haven't cleaned my room yet. Boohooo. No mood in doing that either.

Anyway. I decided to ditch the perfectly easy and boring XML template, and changed it into the old HTML ones! More options, more ideas, more FUN!

Buh-bye widgets, welcome inner HTML!

The words above are the navigation keys-obviously. Easy enough to understand, since the words say it all. Blog is for blog, profile is for profile, et ceteria.

Spent almost one whole night with my nose in the computer screen, trying to figure out all the HTML codes. The last time I made such a layout was 4 years ago. *Knock head*. Starting to lose the knack of it.

And I know Wai Yan will kill me for making another totally pink layout again. >.<

Same as usual, tell me if you find anything out of margin or weird looking when you view it with your computer.

I'm still in my emo state, for those who care, and I'm very unlikely to turn back normal in a few days time. Remind me though, if I'm acting bitchy to you.

Still have 2 posts in stock to blog, but I'm too tired now to think of any of it. Maybe later at night, if there aren't suddenly plans popping up.

Happy Holidays. =)

p/s Wuliao you still owe me a "I love you too" XD

My gals

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 |

20-09-2009, Sunday

Slept at 9pm the day before, for some reason you all know, and woke up at 9am. Ngam ngam 12 hours! Such a relieve...

Anyway, I woke up to find my cellphone full of messages. Mostly about : "Xiang. Tmr sing k lo" of "xw tmr go sing k la..."

I just wanted to go out for breakfast... I'm officially bankrup-ed. There were only a few notes left in my wallet. *sobs*

Then Kai Wei called me at 10 smth, and....

I rather not talk about how an easily be-convinced person I am.

So we went to Greenbox at Cheras Selatan. Rm16 gone..... *stil sobbing*

It says (eat drink play happy sing)!!!


Yaw was the driver today! A nice change to actually sit at the back seat for once.

No one wanted to go home after that, so we went to Winmild Cafe, Puchong. Quite far, but quite special for us to be far far farrrrr away from the places we usually went.

Yaw tripped after coming down from her car. One huge scratch cut.

The cut didn't effect us though..Ordered some drinks then started to non-stop photo-cam! Yaw's long time wish finally came true! Enough photos for us to last for a year!

The gals

Full album at http://picasaweb.google.com/shanayxw/Friends2009#


Went to IOI afterwards. Just for fun.

Yaw did her first backway parking! Woohoooooo!

Hooray for Yaw. Even if its not a big deal.
She's done it a lot of times. I'm just exaggerating XD

Went home empty hands. We used a lot of time to decided but in the end we still bought nothing. Decided to go my house for dinner. All 4 of us. My mum's cooking. Lucky them. XD

And everyone went home at 9pm. The End.

Such a happy day. I just love going out with them. *big smile*

BBQ Party

Sunday, September 20, 2009 |

18-09-2009, Friday

Last day of school before Raya Holidays! And Carmen's BBQ was on this night too.

After school Fei Shan and I rushed home to take a rest before departing to Subang for the second time that day. Was planning on spending the night there, but no idea whose...

Went to Zac's house first. Sook Sook was already there. Fooled around a bit with make up and Zac's hair styling machine. And suddenly us 3 girls were changing our hair style from straight to curl, and vice versa.

My hair is super long when in straight!

Went to Taipan and bought a cake and a cloth as Carmen's birthday gift afterwards. It started to rain by then, and the rain started to come more and more heavier!

We were among the first to get to Carmen's house. The fire had already been setted up though, and Carmen's parents were most welcoming. They made us feel so like home we started doing crazy things that we used to do all the time.

Like laughing and speaking at the top of our voice ;
Like sitting around at any chair we could find;
Like fussing with everything we saw;

and kacau-ing Carmen's pet hamster! Haha

The rain started to stop soon after, and the BBQ started!

My plate XD

My usual habit : Fill a whole plate then eat them all at once. I enjoy the process, so most of my chicken wings ended up in someone else's plate. I couldn't finish the either. *sweat*

Its a sausages and two fishballs!
Zac's creation

Carmen's Rasberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe! The SR staff was stupid enough to draw a double heart for our message. We intended it to be as in : "We *heart* u". Double hearts is like a couple thing. So not suitable for birthdays.

The birthday girl and boy: Carmen and Carmen bro!

Plans came up suddenly, and we had to leave at 11pm. The parents still wanted us to stay a bit longer. Very very warm feeling.

But being Cinderella, we still left. Thanks Carmen's parents for everything they did, and...

Happy 18th Birthday Carmen!
(Even though your birthday isn't exactly on that day^^)


I love this pic! Main reason..? Because I look nice in it XD

Alcohol does a lot of things to me.
Not only does it alter the things I do and say...
It alters my brain and thoughts...

I don't want myself to be thinking about all this
I don't want my brain to be full of the same thought
I don't want to close my eyes and remember everything
Cause I know its not right

Blame the alcohol, girl.

Late-night kaki

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 |

Drawn tattoo by the most talented Zac. :)

Its 1:10am! And I'm still online! Its a miracle!

Skype-ing with Fei and Fen. Mcd for tomorrow!

Hopefully I won't lose my track of time and abandon my assignments... 2 assignments due thursday!

That's all for tonight folks. :)


Xiaxue's Guide to Life

Monday, September 14, 2009 |

Just something I wanted to share. =)

One more week to go!

Sunday, September 13, 2009 |

Been so busy lately! Everyday I wake up to a bunch of assignments and homework; every night I fall asleep thinking about the assignments and homework.

Sometimes I wonder if I was wrong to take 6 subjects for this semester.

One week more before Raya holidays, and I'll have plenty of time to finish my homework slowly by then. With the rate I'm going on currently, (I used one whole day to finish one paper of my typography work), 2 weeks might not even be enough!

I already have so much plans for my holidays that I'm kinda worried my homework will be ignored totally. No play and all work makes me a dull gal. >.<


Me and my design gang went to Snowflakes that day, and Zac made this very artistic-erm-3d object. XD

Made from a spoon, two pearls, and some water.

We have to appreciate this kind of art also. Just like how we appreciate nudity, according to my history of art lecturer. Lol.


Sunday, September 6, 2009 |

Some people take my quotes too seriously. I thought it would be a laugh, but obviously a lot of you guys don't get it.

Don't take them so seriously.

"The prince in shining armor on his white horse""Princess of this kingdom"...? Come on, ever heard of fairy tales before?

The arrogance and self-claiming sense in these quotes are my personally way of making my blog more funny and interesting.

And I'm sorry if you don't get it.

My Opinion

Thursday, September 3, 2009 |

I should keep my opinion to myself
I know that my opinion won't be the same as everybody's opinion
And not everyone will be happy to hear it

I don't want my opinion to be the start of another quarrel
I don't want to be blamed for voicing out my opinion

That's why
I keep quiet.

I'm really am stronger than I thought.

Insufficient time limits us
Desperate measures are for desperate times
Things that have already happened...
Should be prevented to happen again

Perak Trip

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 |

30-8-2009, Sunday

It was raining slightly when my family and I departed for Ipoh. Dad has decided to go their as a simply vacation, and go visit a friend of his that just gave birth.

The weather was cold, suitable enough for sleeping.

And then the most unlucky thing happened to us! Suddenly the car was making funny noises, and the noises got louder and louder.

The car was stopped immediately at the emergency lane and we all jumped out to see what happened.

So the tyre was punctured! Just how unlucky were we? TWO big holes in the tyre. Apparently caused by a small metal piece and a big crooked nail. Our guess was that some heartless people threw these on the road, so they could get big money from us. Selfish people. >.<

Metal piece in tyre

I stood by the highway as my dad changed the tyres. It was quite scary actually. I could feel the cars swishing by, and their speed caused some sort of force that made me unbalanced.

Yet I volunteered to put the emergency sign a few meters away from the car. Just to test my bravery. LOL. Though I doubt anyone could see it. It was so UN-OBVIOUS.

Would you see this if you were going 100km/h?

Thank god the spare tyre in the car boot was still in good condition. But we had a slight- HUGE-problem.

The tyre was TINY. And THIN. And on it "TEMPORARILY USE ONLY" was written. Forced us to exit the highway and stop at some car shop to buy a new tyre.

Rm144 flew away~ The guy ketuk us by saying it was a public holiday and the price was higher than usual.


Went to Hot Springs afterwards to have a change of mood. There was relatively a lot of people there for somewhere I never heard before in my whole life.

The water was really HOT! Not just hot, it was a burning temperature! The highest temperature was around 100 degree Celsius!

Eggs could be cooked fully in 7 minutes in that water!

Enjoying 42-50 degree Celsius of water

Mum and Dad enjoying too~

And then when we got out from the hotsprings and was on our way home, we found out that we were supposed to pay entrance fee in order to get in! One ticket costed RM10!

I pull back what I just said about us being unlucky. We are so damn lucky!


Next stop was lunch!

Kampar's famous Curry Chicken in Bread! Something we never miss when we visit Perak/Ipoh.

And its getting more and more yummier! So much better than the ones we see at KL

After that we went to visit Dad's friend and went to check in the hotel. One day passed by at such a rapid speed.

Ipoh's a nice city. It may not have high buildings or busy traffic or even high classed shopping malls... But its still nice and cosy.

Eventhough I'd choose KL over it anytime. Hehe
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