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Saturday, August 15, 2009 |

Segi Tea Talk today!

But actually it was quite boring. I look back and wonder why I even wanted to go at all. Well, at least now I know that I won't be going to this event anymore.

Finally got my results after some time of waiting. CGPA 3.81.

A bit disappointed actually. I knew my Malaysian Studies could be better, but I guess our group presentation wasn't that good.

I'm gonna paste my results on the wall and look at it everyday! Just to remind me how hardworking I need to be. I can't risk losing my scholarship!!!! And the grade points all total up when I graduate!!! Even a simple C could pull down all the good grades!

Anyway, me and my sister and my dad went to Brickfields Asia College straight after we left from Segi. My sister will be-and is-going to study LAW there!

Its pricey. Especially the last year at England (Its a twinning program 2+1). RM100k just for the tuition fees! Not including the living needs and all.

I'd rather stay in Malaysia. I don't really like going overseas. Maybe its just me.

Brickfields straight away gave my sis their textbooks! So efficient! And they're so THICK and HEAVY.

I still can't believe my sister is actually going to study law. It's so not her.

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  1. wow.. no wonder the English Legal System sounds so familiar to me.. i saw it in li yin's car haha..
    it's law subject lolx ><


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