Story : Giving a Chance

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 |

This story is dedicated to fen. Hopefully its something you can relate to. =)
Just thought I'll write it out for fun.


When I first saw that photo, i was shocked. I really was. There was a strange tangling felling in the bottom of my heart, which skipped a beat at the same moment.

She wasn’t very pretty, but she wasn’t very ugly either. The only word I could use to describe her was ‘cute’, which was usually used when ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ was out of the picture. She was the kind of girls that you’d see thousands of them on the street every day. If you’re not clever enough, you’d think they’d all look the same.

And there was something else…

I fell hopelessly for her. Don’t ask me the reason, for I have none, other than her so called-normal photo. I tried so many ways to try to approach her. I got her email; I knew where she lived, where she studied, her height, her weight… It’s amazing how much information the internet can provide you these days!

My attacks began. Yet her wall of defence was so strong. Weeks and weeks passed but we were still between the “ hi how are you?” and “fine thank you” part.

But hey, who said I was going to give up?



I turned around to face my computer screen. The small msn guy was shining at the bottom of my screen… AGAIN!

Doesn’t this guy get bored? The first thing he does every morning is to IM me a ‘good morning, what are you doing?’ And even when I don’t reply him he’ll keep on telling me what he did today, what breakfast he had.

I really felt like asking him why he doesn’t have anything else better to do.

And the main reason I got his attention was because of that one photo! I have to admit that was one of the few photos that pictured me as a quite pretty, attractive girl, but don’t these people know that most things on the internet are so much different from the reality?

I simply can’t bear guys falling for me over my photos. It’s like a huge lie.

So I decided to ignore him, give him some cold attention, let him back off by himself.


‘Please stop bothering me. I’m a busy person.’

That’s one of the least bad replies I got from her. It’s been a few months already, and she still treats me like a piece of shit. I’ve been nothing but kind to her!

I know she’s a kind girl. During those times I could actually get her to chat with me, in between the lines I could figure out that she was friendly and charming. But then it was like she had a double personality, and the wall of defence would come up again, higher than ever.

I’ve tried everything, I really have. Maybe we’re just not meant to be? I thought of this as I type my usual morning greeting on my keyboard and pressed “send”

‘Stop believing in what you see!! I’ll send u a photo of the real me. I’m not that pretty in real life. I’m just a normal, fat girl that has nothing that would get your attention. Don’t get fooled by me anymore!’

I clicked the word “accept”.


I knew it!

There was no msn conversation box and no offline messages when I opened my computer. He wasn’t even online.

I just knew he’d lose interest in me after he saw the real me. Who wouldn’t? It was just a huge fake lie. Could he be regretting the whole amount of time he’d spent on me?

I shook the thoughts out of my head. This whole thing was over now. I was just back to my usual life.

I was about to shut down my computer when I suddenly noticed that I got a new mail. Must be the usual junk mail from various websites, I thought as I clicked it open. I had nothing else to do also, might as well read some junk to take my mind off everything that happened.

The mail…was from him.

Did it ever occur to you that the fact I was attracted to your photo wasn’t because of the girl inside? I admit I did give a second glance at the girl in the photo, but what really got my attention was your caption.

Do you remember what you wrote? “If music be the food of love, play on”. From Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. That’s what struck me. That’s why I tried so hard to get to know you, to understand you. One simple sentence and I knew you were so much different from the girls I see every day.

I know that you feel that no one would accept the real you. The ‘you’ that’s hidden behind all those photos. The ‘you’ that’s lost confidence in the real you. The ‘you’ that’s afraid what other people will think of the real you.

You might think so, but I will prove to you that you’re wrong.

Give me a chance, but at the same time, give yourself a chance.

I deleted the email immediately, followed by shutting down my computer.

I have something to do already: clear my mind from all these thoughts.


No response at all from her. I waited the whole day but yet no response. Did I offend her? I reread my email. I might have sounded a bit busybody. And a bit demanding.

I typed my usual morning greeting. I’d said before, I wasn’t going to give up so easily.


I rushed back to my computer at the sound.

‘I just had my breakfast, boiled egg and some sausages. How about you?’

My lips formed a smile. I had a good feeling about this.



  1. wait a sec! i check back now my comment disappear already! i swear i replied just now! wth.. anyway your story rocks. :)

  2. Awesome story sweety ♥
    one i can totally relate to ^^

  3. OMG~
    I'm the main character XD LOLS
    And...I'm a kind girl... XD

    Anyway,xiang...nice story =)

  4. wow... this is one hell of a story =.=
    you should've send it to some magazine or what, maybe they'll give you an article column

  5. Reply to Hero† :
    Stop're flattering me :)


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