Outing with Yaw and Mark

Sunday, August 23, 2009 |

22-08-2009, Saturday

The plan today was to go hiking at some hill at Bukit Serdang. Yaw wanted to go sing K, but Mark wanted to take some photos. So the-hardly-compromised solution was to go hiking.

I woke up at 7am. My eyes were barely opened. Took me and hour to finally crawl onto my car and move it.

The god was really on Yaw's side today. When we got to the entrance of the hill, it was packed with dogs! Big ones, small ones, tiny ones, FIERCE ones. Think 101 Dalmatians and you'll get an idea of what I mean.

That's why I turned the steering wheel and we were on our way to Bukit Jalil.

Mark and Nikon D60

Unlike me, Mark didn't really favor photoing real, moving people. She preferred flowers.

Yaw = Diameter of circle

OMG! She has the windmill in her hands!!!

We left before it started to rain. This time, Yaw managed to CONVINCE Mark into following her original plan: SING K!

Once again, we were on the road to IOI Mall. It was just 10 minutes journey from Bukit Jalil. Also my first time there since they built the new wing. I always had the thought that that paticular road would have some serious traffic jam all the time.

I'll just skip everything else cause I'm sure you all won't have interest in what songs we sang and what things we ate. *covers face and smile hysterically*

I got home at 4pm something. <--- An awful sentence to end my blog post. But, then again, who cares? Rite?

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  1. yo I look stupid in dat photo..
    But it's nice XD XD

    next time outing with u guys again..
    reali enjoy d time with u =)


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