New Semester!

Monday, August 10, 2009 |

My 3 weeks holiday is officially finished. No more sleeping till 11am anymore. No more facing the computer and refreshing the same web page again and again.

I was late for my first class because we got our timetable late. Turned out a lot of people were absent. And usually no classes were taught during the first week. Bah.

This sem's subjects seem hard. Photography again. And a HUGE amount of money is needed to buy the drawing materials. And I've only just started my first day of my 2nd sem. =.=

Now most of the classes start at 8:30am. And my latest class ends at 6:30pm. Just how the traffic will be by then, I can't imagine.

Results will only be out by Saturday. In front of our parents!!! The SEGi staff are so not efficient. 3 weeks holiday and they can't even settle the marks of one subject???

Working tomorrow. Haiz. Still can't find a suitable slot to fit my working time into my timetable. Things like this will just have to wait.

The good thing is.... I still have Wednesday off.



  1. late just finish class ah...
    i think u 7somthing just reach home if traffic jam...
    so late result out ah...the staff also holiday wa...haha
    start school also want to working ah...will become tired oh..

  2. so late just finish class ah...
    reach home i think at nite le...
    very slow oh...maybe the staff also holiday ler...
    start school le still find the job ah...
    will become tired oh..


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