I'm a LC person. Sure.

Friday, August 7, 2009 |

10:05pm XX : hi
10:08pm Shanay :hi
10:08pm XX : you 18y lod?
18y old?
10:11pm Shanay : yup (( Trying to be polite by replying))
10:12pm XX : you live k.l where?
10:15pm XX : ????? ((Bothering me when I don't reply))
10:17pm Shanay : i liv at selangor actually
10:18pm XX :oic
10:22pm XX : you can give me you handphone ma?
10:31pm XX : can ma?
10:33pm Shanay : er...soli
i dun giv ppl i duno my handphone no. de ((Still trying to be polite))
10:35pm XX : = =
nvm k.l gril oso lc de la
10:36pm Shanay : ? (( I really had no idea what XX meant that time. Gril made me think of bbq))
10:37pm XX: me say k.l ppl oso l.c de no give de la
10:37pm Shanay : u can say watever u wan
not giving other's their number isnt lc ((Ditch polite. Starting to get a bit mad))
10:38pm XX : ya la
me asd maleyu oso give for me la
10:38pm Shanay : har? ((Still no idea what he was talking about))
10:38pm XX : we same cina oso no give !!!!
10:38pm Shanay : =.= tis isnt about race bah ((Finally understanding he meant "melayu"))
10:39pm Shanay: its because I dun even noe u
10:39pm XX : at malaysia cina gril no gd
malayu gd
10:40pm Shanay : sure...then u go chat with malay girls bah
bye ((Closed the chatbox and quitted facebook))

This is what happens when I actually get in the mood to reply someone in Facebook chat.

Obviously, since I'm such a LC person, as the person above mentioned, I decided to post this up here so that EVERYONE could see just how a LC person I am.

I'm from Selangor and not KL, but since KL is IN Selangor, I'll prove that I'm not that lc by censoring the guy's name. I still have that bit of pityness for his family to save them from the shame of having such a person in their family.

Say whatever you want, but it won't change the fact that I hate chatting with people whose English I can barely understand, AND people who are stupid enough to say me lc when I don't give them my phone number and racist.

I truly regret actually replying the guy's "hi" in the first place. God please forgive me for making such a mistake to ruin my own day. It was so stupid of me.

If LC is not giving phone numbers to strangers...

I rather be, and always will be a LC person.


  1. wah...
    like tis call lc ah..
    i think in the world so many ppl lc...

  2. hahaha...
    his english is xtremely funny...
    KL grill...haha

  3. hahaaha then i shall be the next one who greet hi LC girl in facebook =D

  4. What you did is right, such person don't worth your time. And there is no need to feel bad for this.


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