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Friday, August 14, 2009 |

The subject of my dad's recent ( duh-for some time already) research : Tiger milk mushroom. The Malays call it Cendawan susu rimau; Chinese call it 虎乳灵芝, and it's rarely found in the jungle areas of Malaysia.

Used by many elder people in traditional medicine, this mushroom is believed to have more than 15 medicinal usages, as a treatment for fever, cough, asthma, breast cancer, food poisoning and even healing wounds.

If anyone has noticed, most of the people who died from H1N1 are mainly those that have respiratory system problems. Asthma, upper respiratory tract infection... All of them have connection to our lungs. According to some of the H1N1 patients, they suffered from breathing difficulties and chest pain.

That's why tiger milk mushroom may be a cure for this dangerous influenza. Maybe not a cure, but a precaution. It strengthens your body and allows enough time for the antibodies in your body to form and kill the viruses from within.

Does it has any side effects? Remember, its still just a MUSHROOM. It has no harm at all to our body. We eat mushrooms all the time, and have you ever heard of people dying from drinking mushroom soup?

Just think of it as a vitamin C pill. The love shaped one we used to eat when we were small tiny kids. We didn 't eat them just because we were sick, we ate them cause they aided our body in some way and another. I, personally, ate them as if they were sweets.

For now there is still no absolute cure for H1N1, why not just give it a try?

If anyone of your family has asthma and has a great possibility of getting highly exposed to this influenza, convince them to try this. Even though until now there aren't any experimental trials done on it to prove that it can actually cure H1N1, it might just so save their lives.

Don't fool around when it's about life and death.

Leave me a comment for more details or if you actually want to try it. =)

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  1. woah.. mushrooms huh.. i hope it could really help ppl. more ppl are like dying from this h1n1 thingy. sigh...


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