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Thursday, August 27, 2009 |

I'm Wai Ling's 背后的女人 XD

26-08-2009, Wednesday

Woke up early on my no-class-day and went to Segi. Why? Because our gang planned to go cook at Zac's house! At first I thought I was only going to drink the soup, but... well, just read on. =)

Fetched Zac and Carmen to Mydin to get some of the ingredients. Had a fuss about:
1. what we should buy,
2. what brand we should buy, and
3. how much we needed (which was a very very little amount) was cooking time!

Fine, it was Zac and Carmen who did most of the cooking... But I helped peel and cut things also! Hmph! *hands at hips*

I assure you that I DID help out, even if the photos don't support this statement much. (Seemed more like I was photoing around while they got themselves busy. XD)

All the ingredients

No prob! Leave it to me!


After 2 hours of hard work, we finally managed to produce a eat-able meal!

Behold the pleasantly delicious most wonderful meal by me, Carmen and Zac!


Kangkung + Spagethi + ABC Soup

Disappointed? It was the best we could make when we had so less ingredients and cookware. And food after hard work always taste better! It tasted even better than abalone!

Felicia, Wai Ling and Sook Sook came over around 1pm and finished up all the food, except for the soup. Carmen went home soon after, and we stuck around waiting for the Mass Com gang to show up.

Meanwhile, Sook Sook, Wai Ling and I got our noses into Zac's wardrobe. *evil smile*

And we had a fashion show! As boys! XD

S.H.E? No, we're H.I.M!

We kidnapped the pretty lady! Bad us XD

The Mass Com gang came over at 2pm. And they finished all the remaining soup! At least Alex did.

I went home at 2pm, but from what I heard, they went crazy soon after I left.

Really crazy.

And poor Fei Shan din get to drink the soup. >.<

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  1. Beh Bai oh~
    I wanna eat spagetti too =3=

    ps: tell ur classmate dat he is leng zai XD XD


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