Basketball Competition

Sunday, August 9, 2009 |

Final : QM versus Pengawas

SPBT versus Pengawas

SPBT held a Basketball Competition between Lembaga this weekend. Me, being the noisy person I am, went to see it just for fun. And also, trying to spend my last two days of my holiday away from home.

It's been quite a long time since I saw a basketball match. Guys really look more attractive than usual when they're on the basketball court with the ball in their hands. XD

And there was a Sorakan Competition also. Even though only 4 groups took part, and some of them didn't take this thing seriously at all.

Pusat Sumber Sorakan Team

Well, at least SPBT is having activities like these. Compared to our year.

So the whole thing ended at around 2-3pm and QM won. No big surprise there. And the rain started to fall right after that. We are just so lucky. XD


Mum bought the kitty that was temporarily staying in her SPBT room back home. As the cat mummy didn't show up anymore and the kitty was starving.

We bathed the kitty but its body was still covered by fleas. We went to Mines and bought a Flea medicine for it, but still there were fleas.

And the kitty was so small and thinny. All you could feel when you carried it was its bones. Poor kitty. It gulped all the kitty food we gave it immediately and "meow"ed for more.

Havent decided on its name yet. Any suggestions?

p/s Personally the kitty's eyes remind me of an elder. Like the ones you go see in a game when you need some very important information that's more than hundreds of years ago. *sweat*

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