4 things I'd like Blogger to have

Thursday, August 20, 2009 |

1st thing : User being able to reply comments.

I'm sure Cbox is great and convinient and all, along with all the other chat boxes that we see around, but just leaving a message isn't the same as leaving a comment. As far as I've noticed, a lot of messages people leave in cbox has nothing to do with any blog post at all.

Do people with blogger don't like leaving comments? It certainly wasnt like that when I was using Wretch.

I'd rather you comment on my blog post than comment about how beautiful my background is-not that anyone has ever said that before.

And cbox is all small and tiny and hard to reply.

We should reply the people that comment on our blog, questions they asked, sharing some thoughts. Livejournal has this sort of facility too. Actually replying to THAT specific comment, not posting another comment to reply a lot of people at once.

It really will be more convenient that way.

2nd thing : Showing who visted your blog.

It's annoying sometimes. To not know who had been reading your blog. Maybe you'd like to return the favor and take a stroll around his or her blog too.

But some people use this to increase their blog viewers. But that's not a crime, right?

3rd thing : An blog based album. One that is a part of your blog.

Even msn space has one! Not that msn space sucks or anything (Even though it does sometimes..Oops, did I say that outloud?) Picasa? It's not even technically linked to blogger!

Its more like a store room for you to put in all those things temporarily,when you don't have any idea of where to put them, then totally forget about the things inside after sometime. THEN, when you want to find these things, you suddenly remember you HAD a store room, and still has one. So you rush back and get so delighted you found you thing you forget the store room again.


4. Change the code or anything so that the picture that I upload will appear in the post where I want it to instead of appearing at the top of the post.

Don't you feel mad when you've type a long, nice, interesting, breath taking post, and decided to put some nice picture of yourself, maybe, or something else in it, when you upload your picture and find it appearing at the most top of your post!!

So you have to copy the picture and find back the place you wanted to place that photo, then paste it there. Nevertheless, this leaves a blank line at the top of your blog, and if you happen to have a picture at the top when you want to remove this blank line, your picture might accidentally get deleted when you make the wrong move.

Even if you drag the picture to where you want, it'll become complicated if there are more than 1 pictures. The pictures are like so heavy they don't want to move there butt. Or sometimes they're blind and go in the wrong direction you point them to.

I dunno if it's the pictures who are stupid or the system behind them.


I'm 100% sure that if I email this as a feedback to Blogger/Google, it'll be ignored completely. They must be getting hundreds, maybe thousands of emails like these from all around the world everyday. Who would take notice of a email from an 18 year old girl that is from no company or anything that would catch their notice.

Even if I use all the polite words and language in the email, I'd still be 99.9% sure about that.

So I compared blogger to Wretch. No big deal. Wretch is totally popular in Taiwan. According to my brother, Google owns/brought all the other popular blog host sites.

It is the top visited site in Traditional Chinese languages and the second in Taiwan after Yahoo! Taiwan according to Alexa.

The domain wretch.cc attracted at least 4 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a Compete.com survey.

-from Wikipedia.com

Even Yahoo decided to cooperate with Wretch. Some day when I'm rich I'll make a blog host site for Malaysia, like Wretch is to Taiwan. Won't it feel great to know that most of the people using this site you're using right now are from the same country? No culture or language differences-well, mostly. But at least the same type of slang...?

Even though blogger is so much more efficient than wretch. And quicker. And easier. And no need of upgrade or VIP service.

Blogger would be almost perfect if they had the 4 things I mentioned above. ALMOST. Perfect to me, anyway. I know a lot of people that won't get satisfied so easily.

Let's just wait and see. =)


  1. I think it will be best if wretch and blogger combine together XD

  2. Me and one friend of mine (also a blogger user) were discussing the same points u wrote about in this blog few weeks ago.Totally agree with what you said about everything.

    It is a pity that we can't reply our comments T_T ... that way i miss many replies at my friend's blogs.

    Also the picture upload causes me a major headache everytime i am uploading pictures *sigh*

    I do still hope that one day some of these things will change.


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