Sweet Eighteen

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 |

1st ever birthday party

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

9 years old

11 years old

Some photos were lost in time. Or it might have been because my mum and dad never did take a photo of it.

I've already forgotten since when my mum started to stop making those paper crowns and dressing us up for our birthdays.

There's definitely no paper crowns now. And the dress up part isn't my mum's work anymore.

But I still get a cake every year. No matter what happens or what day my birthday falls on. Thanks Mum and Dad for always remembering that.

YEAR 1991

YEAR 1991

YEAR 1992

YEAR 1992

YEAR 1993

YEAR 1994

YEAR 20??

YEAR 2007

YEAR 2007

YEAR 2008

YEAR 2009

There's a large gap between the time I started primary school until the recent years. My parents lost the interest of taking our photos by then and everyone was busy with their own stuff. It was only these recent years I started taking photos (myself mainly =.=).

Looking back at all these old photos, I've just realized I've grown up so much. I'm not that girl that just smiles brightly at everything I see. I'm not that girl that hides behind her big sister whenever something happens. I'm not that girl that lies after she took the house keys and lost it somewhere in the cupboard. I'm not that girl that carries her friend on piggyback and lose her balance, causing both her and her friend to have their nose bleeding.

I'm just not that girl anymore. People grow. So do I.

And today, I'm 18.

I've learned what is responsibility, I've learned what is consequences and I've learned how to crawl up when I fall down again and again. I've learned that life isn't easy but I still have to bear with it.

Thank you so much for all the people that have walked with me throughout the first 18 years of my life.

I wonder what my life would have been if anyone of you weren't a part of my life. I might not be who I am today, and I'm grateful of that.

18 is an age of more responsibility, from movie age limits to credit cards to cars and laws.

I still have a whole lot of 18 years in the future, I'm aware of that. Maybe being 18 isn't a big deal after all.

But I'm happy I've passed these 18 years safely and peacefully.

Thanks to everyone who sms-ed me today : Yaw, Wai Yan, Fen, Kai Wei, Ella, Rou Fui, Yi Harng, Fei Shan, Kit Wah, Syari, Lopet, Piang, Jackie, Penny, Shi Ying.... the list is still going on as my phone rings again and again.

Thanks also to those people that wished me "happy birthday" on msn : Kai Yen, Wai Ling, Ah Yen, TK, Sam, Hero.... And all those ppl who wrote on my wall at Facebook!!!

Sorry that I cant remember all of you. But it really is touching to see all those message and comments and IMs. Special thanks for Yi Harng who called to greet me.

There are quite a lot of people that I didn't expect. It's really touching.

Despite the fact I still haven't got any gifts. Its 5:31pm! My birthday is almost over!

Who cares anyway? I don't usually give people gifts anymore either. LOL.

Today is officially the first day I turn 18. Being 18 is so good! Even though I haven't even started to enjoy what's so good about being 18. *sweat*

Happy 18th Birthday to myself!


  1. Happy Birthday to Xiang~~ XD
    U so geng leh~ Where u found all the photo? Mine one dunno throw where le XD

  2. Wish u hav a wonderful 18th-life ^^


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