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Friday, July 24, 2009 |

From last night till now I was busy with my BLOG LAYOUT!

And now...

Its finally FINISHED!

Still seems strange to me, but I managed to put in everything I wanted. Like the 3 columns layout, and the navigation link bar on top... etc

The HTML code turned out to be even harder to understand than I expected.

When I was Form 2 I used to make classic blogger templates A LOT. Awww... I miss those times. Now I'm trying very hard to find back all my templates and notes and pictures from that time. But I guess they're lost in within time already.

XML templates are easy, with widgets and all, but the designs are limited. That's the only thing I hate about it.

Blog New Features:
1. 3 columns with the blog post in the middle. More sidebar items can be in notice!

2. The Easy Comment widget on the upper-right hand side. The comments ( or messages) can be replied! Try it! Click on Leave a comment and type away!

3. Organized all my photos into enlarge image pop-up when mouse over. Saves a lot of spaces and no one can steal my photos. Muahahahaha. ( Though I doubt anyone will wanna steal them....)

Blog Old Features : (Some people might still not know)
1. Look to your upper left. At the top there's a grey box with words in it. That's my quote box. Try pressing F5 and you'll see it change everytime!

2. Scroll down to underneath the visitors. See a lot of small tiny pictures with names next to it? Now scroll your mouse to the pictures. The pictures will turn large! Without you doing anything! The name next to it is the link to that person's blog. Now you can decide which link you wanna go or if you know the person without clicking into the person's blog!
(Tell me if I know you but your name/picture is not in the list!)

3. On top of my blog post is my Twitter updates! I update at an average of 5 times per day! Follow me on twitter now!

And more to come....

...after I get a good rest and enjoy my holiday!

Tata for now!

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