Mermaid's Tale

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 |

We've heard before the tales of the little mermaid. The ending, the same as all Disney fairy tales, was a happy one.

Once upon a time... The Prince and the Princess lived happily ever after.

But did they really?

The original tales of these fairy tales were far more cruel than the stories we hear or tell now.

Snow White's stepmother danced in a pair of heated shoes until she died.

Rapunzel's prince loss his sight after being pushed off the tower by the evil witch.

Sleeping Beauty's son and daughter almost got eaten by her mother-in-law, the Queen, who jumped into a pit full of snakes and ugly creatures after being discovered.

Cinderella's stepsisters cut off part of their feet so they could fit into the glass shoe, and their eyes were pecked out by pigeons.

But at least they still got their happy ending.

For little Mermaid, it's a totally different story.

She lost her voice in exchange for human legs, but at the same time every step she took thousands of knifes would prick her legs, causing blood and pain. Despite all that, the little mermaid still danced for the prince, solely because the prince liked her dance.

When the prince married the other princess, little mermaid knew she was about to disappear into water vapor by dawn. Her 7 sisters exchanged their long hair with the evil witch for a short blade, where little mermaid could turn back into a mermaid by killing the prince with it and pouring the blood on her legs.

She couldn't bear to do so, and with the blade in hand, she jumped into the sea the moment the sun rose.

Instead of turning into water vapor, the little mermaid turned into bubbles, and became a spirit in the sky.

The story ended there. No happy endings. No happily ever after.

But that's a story that's most likely to happen out of fairytale land. Falling for someone that we're not supposed to.

That's a happily never after.


  1. Being in a real life..fairytales like ending is impossible..its juz a dream we always think of..being a prince..being a princess..Maybe this is sad..At least we try hard for our wishes..our have our own fairytales..

  2. out of all of your entries i think this one the best. hahaahah... some people will just fall for the wrong person and still love them even if they know its hurting them.
    nice emo comment from me. :)

  3. ops~
    now say happy birthday ~
    hope u dun mine :)


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