Birthday Present Wishlist

Friday, July 3, 2009 |

My birthday's in less than half a month! I'm finally becoming 18! Though 18 sounds kinda old to me.

Anyway, here's my birthday present wish list :

1. Blackberry cell phone
2. RMK liquid foundation
3. Car accessories: (car perfume, head rest pillow, car seat cover, cushions...etc.)

4. Secret Recipe Chocolate Banana cake

5. A cap!!!!

6. A new bag maybe.. For college =)

7. 1 year worth car oil money (note: my car uses around RM50 per week)

8. New pair of high heels

9. Tiffany bracelet

10. Lastly but not least, no more telemarketing!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo~

I'm not expecting to get any of these things for my birthday anyway. It's all just a big fake joke. Let a girl just dream, okay?

A simple "Happy Birthday" would be good enough from all you guys!

I only get to be 18 once in my whole life. Don't blame me for trying to make it unforgettable. =)

countdown : 12 days to go


  1. haha~ happy birthday lar~ xP


  2. tak tahan the n no.6! LOL xD

  3. I wan no.6 , 8 and 9....

  4. [Wu] Thanks wu =)
    [Yan] Doesn't necessary be pink color larh~
    [Fen] I want EVERYTHING from 1 to 10!!!!

  5. halo~
    I'm wondering why I have problem following your blog...
    And dunno why ur previous blog url become valentino bag blah blah blah ad...

  6. [Nichole] errrr...i also duno leh..
    mayb u can try stop following then
    follow again?


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