Birthday Celebrations 2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 |


Had my final exam that day. And after that, it was SEM BREAK!

Me and my college gang ended up going Jusco Cheras Selatan's Green Box. Had a slight discuss on whether we were going to Bukit Tinggi or Cheras Selatan. The girls-namely me and the other girls-won 4 versus 3. Bad luck for the Klang boys. XD

The sing k was plain high. Sometimes I get the feeling that Sam and Alex are out of their minds. They were doing things like singing Michael Jackson's "You are not alone" again and again, then opening the door and singing it to public.

Kinda surprised when the Green Box staff bought in a cake and the screen started to play "Happy Birthday". I didn't really expect such a thing to happen. Thanks so much to Kai Yen, Felicia, TK, Sam and Alex.

Fei Shan's birthday was on the 18th, so we celebrated it together. =)

The leftovers of the cake were given to one of the green box staff that we called "gorgor" again and again even when we didn't know him at all. *sweat*

We were about to go home straight after we came out from Green Box at around 4pm. But then something happened.

Kai Yen's car couldn't start! Something about batteries and all. So we piled into Sam's car and enjoyed the air-conditioner inside while waiting for Kai Yen's Dad to come rescue her.

But a Saga has problems stuffing 7 people in it. I crawled in front to the passenger seat with Fei Shan after a while, and we ended up with 4 people in the front row, while the other 3 sat comfortably at the backseat.

Before I crawled to the front seat. I was sandwiched behind.
Had some dificulty getting everyone in the picture too.

Kinda miss them all now. Been almost a week since I last saw them. Two more weeks to go!


A present from Fen and Mian. Thanks SOOOOOO MUCH!

I'm shocked that you two even knew I've been wanting this thing for sometime now! I still remember seeing a car with it at Mines and telling my sister that the moving flower was so CUTE!

Fen said she saw every Viva at Tar College had one of this flower, so she thought that my Viva should have one too!

Fen I love you so much! And Mian! *blow kisses*

Another present from TK and Felicia.

Still trying to figure out what to do with it. I wanted to put it in my car, but the pig's head kept bumping into my screen window and scratching it. I don't think its meant for cars.

The pig head kinda reminds me of Alex. That the kind of expression he has every time he gets bullied and gets angry but totally speechless.

Thus ends all the blog posts of my birthday. I guess its just time to move on. =)

Happy 18th Birthday to me~

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