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Friday, July 17, 2009 |

12 July 2009_

Early celebrations with my family. My dad decided to treat us for some Japanese Buffet at Sunway Pyramid. He's been saying he's going to bring us to this restaurant AGES AGO! Finally he keeps to his words.

Anyway, the restaurant was called Shogun. They had other outlets at Pavilion and Pulau Pinang. It was hidden far away in a corner where most people didn't usually go to.

The food was super NICE! But then again, I was always was a fan of Japanese food.

Ever seen a chicken this small? It's not a chicken actually...

Usual food other than Japanese food.

When I left the restaurant, my stomach was so full that it hurt me. >.< I had to walk like an old granny for half and hour. And as expected, the bill was HUGE.


16 July 2009_

One day after my actual birthday. The day before was full of rushing assignments and photos and coloring poster color.

So my poor Tiramisu had to postpone till the next day.

V for channel V~

I still insist on the usual birthday ceremony: birthday song, blowing candles, cutting the cake....those things. Even though I was already in my pajamas by that time.

I don't grow up? So what?

I love cakes. Cakes are my second life. *muahahahaha*

-To Be Continued

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