Best pic of the day

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 |

Went photo shooting again on Sunday. But this time we went to Putrajaya. So many roads there I almost got lost.

Putrajaya is just SO beautiful. All the scenery and building and plants and trees. Too bad the weather wasn't so good that day.

If anyone is considering doing 外拍, try Putrajaya. It has so many different places that are so nice!

Best pic of the day. Fake ocean and fake sand. XD

p/s I suck at taking photos of anything. EXCEPT for people.

p/p/s Thanks Fen and Mian so much =)


  1. looks some what like a beach to me... Lol. nice pic btw.. :)

  2. so pretty..the model and the view!!!

  3. wow dat pic is reali nice
    too bad I was not there TT


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