Monday, July 13, 2009 |

Are you reading this? This whole post is dedicated to you, as I promised. So you better read it! Every word!

First things first. Damn I am so sorry I forgot your birthday. I mean, I really did forget it. Not "O.o its your birthday today I'll sms/Facebook post/Friendster comment you later and then I forget to do it" forget. Its "I totally forgot it was someone's birthday today" forget.

I might sound stupid, but I seemed to have lost track of the days this passing weekend.

And you were still sms-ing me that night you turned 18. Being the dumb-ass, I didn't even have a second thought about why you even sms-ed me.

Then today, a few days later, I finally remember it when I sat down at my telemarketing cubicle and saw the calendar on the table.

I'm so so so SO sorry.

Really, I mean it.

Guess I can't ask for you to give me anything for my birthday already, seeing as I was so heartless forgetting your birthday.

Happy 18th Birthday. Even though its a few days late. Being 18 is good ,rite? =)

p/s Countdown to my birthday: 2 DAYS

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