College Assignments

Sunday, July 26, 2009 |

My College Exercises and Assignments. Mainly from Color and Form class.

Enjoy. =)

Color Wheel

Color Hue

Monochromatic Color

2nd Assignment

My Final Assignment.
Had to use more than 15 mixed colors
Title : Mermaid's Tale

Fei Shan's

Michael Jackson!
Wai Ling's work.

Most beautiful work of the whole class:Zac's




Fei Shan's




Can't wait for the results to come out. Even though a lot of people had better artwork than mine. *sobs*

New Blog Layout

Friday, July 24, 2009 |

From last night till now I was busy with my BLOG LAYOUT!

And now...

Its finally FINISHED!

Still seems strange to me, but I managed to put in everything I wanted. Like the 3 columns layout, and the navigation link bar on top... etc

The HTML code turned out to be even harder to understand than I expected.

When I was Form 2 I used to make classic blogger templates A LOT. Awww... I miss those times. Now I'm trying very hard to find back all my templates and notes and pictures from that time. But I guess they're lost in within time already.

XML templates are easy, with widgets and all, but the designs are limited. That's the only thing I hate about it.

Blog New Features:
1. 3 columns with the blog post in the middle. More sidebar items can be in notice!

2. The Easy Comment widget on the upper-right hand side. The comments ( or messages) can be replied! Try it! Click on Leave a comment and type away!

3. Organized all my photos into enlarge image pop-up when mouse over. Saves a lot of spaces and no one can steal my photos. Muahahahaha. ( Though I doubt anyone will wanna steal them....)

Blog Old Features : (Some people might still not know)
1. Look to your upper left. At the top there's a grey box with words in it. That's my quote box. Try pressing F5 and you'll see it change everytime!

2. Scroll down to underneath the visitors. See a lot of small tiny pictures with names next to it? Now scroll your mouse to the pictures. The pictures will turn large! Without you doing anything! The name next to it is the link to that person's blog. Now you can decide which link you wanna go or if you know the person without clicking into the person's blog!
(Tell me if I know you but your name/picture is not in the list!)

3. On top of my blog post is my Twitter updates! I update at an average of 5 times per day! Follow me on twitter now!

And more to come....

...after I get a good rest and enjoy my holiday!

Tata for now!

Parking Techniques

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 |

Behold the mighty parking techniques of students of Segi College!

Our moto is "Never let a free empty space be wasted!"

p.s I would so NOT park that way, even if I had to double park, write a note saying "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Call me 016-XXXXXXXX" and stick it on my car mirror. Some huge cars might accidentally hit the car on their way out. Some might slam in the car when they are reversing and coming out from their parking place.

p.p.s I'm so happy my car is a small, tiny Viva. I always manage to find somewhere to park.

Birthday Celebrations 2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 |


Had my final exam that day. And after that, it was SEM BREAK!

Me and my college gang ended up going Jusco Cheras Selatan's Green Box. Had a slight discuss on whether we were going to Bukit Tinggi or Cheras Selatan. The girls-namely me and the other girls-won 4 versus 3. Bad luck for the Klang boys. XD

The sing k was plain high. Sometimes I get the feeling that Sam and Alex are out of their minds. They were doing things like singing Michael Jackson's "You are not alone" again and again, then opening the door and singing it to public.

Kinda surprised when the Green Box staff bought in a cake and the screen started to play "Happy Birthday". I didn't really expect such a thing to happen. Thanks so much to Kai Yen, Felicia, TK, Sam and Alex.

Fei Shan's birthday was on the 18th, so we celebrated it together. =)

The leftovers of the cake were given to one of the green box staff that we called "gorgor" again and again even when we didn't know him at all. *sweat*

We were about to go home straight after we came out from Green Box at around 4pm. But then something happened.

Kai Yen's car couldn't start! Something about batteries and all. So we piled into Sam's car and enjoyed the air-conditioner inside while waiting for Kai Yen's Dad to come rescue her.

But a Saga has problems stuffing 7 people in it. I crawled in front to the passenger seat with Fei Shan after a while, and we ended up with 4 people in the front row, while the other 3 sat comfortably at the backseat.

Before I crawled to the front seat. I was sandwiched behind.
Had some dificulty getting everyone in the picture too.

Kinda miss them all now. Been almost a week since I last saw them. Two more weeks to go!


A present from Fen and Mian. Thanks SOOOOOO MUCH!

I'm shocked that you two even knew I've been wanting this thing for sometime now! I still remember seeing a car with it at Mines and telling my sister that the moving flower was so CUTE!

Fen said she saw every Viva at Tar College had one of this flower, so she thought that my Viva should have one too!

Fen I love you so much! And Mian! *blow kisses*

Another present from TK and Felicia.

Still trying to figure out what to do with it. I wanted to put it in my car, but the pig's head kept bumping into my screen window and scratching it. I don't think its meant for cars.

The pig head kinda reminds me of Alex. That the kind of expression he has every time he gets bullied and gets angry but totally speechless.

Thus ends all the blog posts of my birthday. I guess its just time to move on. =)

Happy 18th Birthday to me~

不要 白白的犧牲

Saturday, July 18, 2009 |



7月18日 下午 1点20分

無需負責? 不屬于反貪委會的監管?



你們還敢說無需負責? 還敢說與你們無關?


這段期間 到底審問了什么?
區區那60萬 有這么多東西來審問10個小時嗎?




試問 一個人在審問完后


那這段時間 他去了哪里?
他的車子 還好好的停在大樓的停車場




自稱獨立的團體 還不是變成別人的走狗
有錢有勢 在馬來西亞 根本就是萬能的

這件事 過幾天后大概又會石沉大海


希望你的犧牲 不是白白的犧牲
讓反貪委會的行為 公布于世
讓未來的人們 有所警戒


Birthday Celebrations 1

Friday, July 17, 2009 |

12 July 2009_

Early celebrations with my family. My dad decided to treat us for some Japanese Buffet at Sunway Pyramid. He's been saying he's going to bring us to this restaurant AGES AGO! Finally he keeps to his words.

Anyway, the restaurant was called Shogun. They had other outlets at Pavilion and Pulau Pinang. It was hidden far away in a corner where most people didn't usually go to.

The food was super NICE! But then again, I was always was a fan of Japanese food.

Ever seen a chicken this small? It's not a chicken actually...

Usual food other than Japanese food.

When I left the restaurant, my stomach was so full that it hurt me. >.< I had to walk like an old granny for half and hour. And as expected, the bill was HUGE.


16 July 2009_

One day after my actual birthday. The day before was full of rushing assignments and photos and coloring poster color.

So my poor Tiramisu had to postpone till the next day.

V for channel V~

I still insist on the usual birthday ceremony: birthday song, blowing candles, cutting the cake....those things. Even though I was already in my pajamas by that time.

I don't grow up? So what?

I love cakes. Cakes are my second life. *muahahahaha*

-To Be Continued

Sweet Eighteen

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 |

1st ever birthday party

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

9 years old

11 years old

Some photos were lost in time. Or it might have been because my mum and dad never did take a photo of it.

I've already forgotten since when my mum started to stop making those paper crowns and dressing us up for our birthdays.

There's definitely no paper crowns now. And the dress up part isn't my mum's work anymore.

But I still get a cake every year. No matter what happens or what day my birthday falls on. Thanks Mum and Dad for always remembering that.

YEAR 1991

YEAR 1991

YEAR 1992

YEAR 1992

YEAR 1993

YEAR 1994

YEAR 20??

YEAR 2007

YEAR 2007

YEAR 2008

YEAR 2009

There's a large gap between the time I started primary school until the recent years. My parents lost the interest of taking our photos by then and everyone was busy with their own stuff. It was only these recent years I started taking photos (myself mainly =.=).

Looking back at all these old photos, I've just realized I've grown up so much. I'm not that girl that just smiles brightly at everything I see. I'm not that girl that hides behind her big sister whenever something happens. I'm not that girl that lies after she took the house keys and lost it somewhere in the cupboard. I'm not that girl that carries her friend on piggyback and lose her balance, causing both her and her friend to have their nose bleeding.

I'm just not that girl anymore. People grow. So do I.

And today, I'm 18.

I've learned what is responsibility, I've learned what is consequences and I've learned how to crawl up when I fall down again and again. I've learned that life isn't easy but I still have to bear with it.

Thank you so much for all the people that have walked with me throughout the first 18 years of my life.

I wonder what my life would have been if anyone of you weren't a part of my life. I might not be who I am today, and I'm grateful of that.

18 is an age of more responsibility, from movie age limits to credit cards to cars and laws.

I still have a whole lot of 18 years in the future, I'm aware of that. Maybe being 18 isn't a big deal after all.

But I'm happy I've passed these 18 years safely and peacefully.

Thanks to everyone who sms-ed me today : Yaw, Wai Yan, Fen, Kai Wei, Ella, Rou Fui, Yi Harng, Fei Shan, Kit Wah, Syari, Lopet, Piang, Jackie, Penny, Shi Ying.... the list is still going on as my phone rings again and again.

Thanks also to those people that wished me "happy birthday" on msn : Kai Yen, Wai Ling, Ah Yen, TK, Sam, Hero.... And all those ppl who wrote on my wall at Facebook!!!

Sorry that I cant remember all of you. But it really is touching to see all those message and comments and IMs. Special thanks for Yi Harng who called to greet me.

There are quite a lot of people that I didn't expect. It's really touching.

Despite the fact I still haven't got any gifts. Its 5:31pm! My birthday is almost over!

Who cares anyway? I don't usually give people gifts anymore either. LOL.

Today is officially the first day I turn 18. Being 18 is so good! Even though I haven't even started to enjoy what's so good about being 18. *sweat*

Happy 18th Birthday to myself!


Monday, July 13, 2009 |

Are you reading this? This whole post is dedicated to you, as I promised. So you better read it! Every word!

First things first. Damn I am so sorry I forgot your birthday. I mean, I really did forget it. Not "O.o its your birthday today I'll sms/Facebook post/Friendster comment you later and then I forget to do it" forget. Its "I totally forgot it was someone's birthday today" forget.

I might sound stupid, but I seemed to have lost track of the days this passing weekend.

And you were still sms-ing me that night you turned 18. Being the dumb-ass, I didn't even have a second thought about why you even sms-ed me.

Then today, a few days later, I finally remember it when I sat down at my telemarketing cubicle and saw the calendar on the table.

I'm so so so SO sorry.

Really, I mean it.

Guess I can't ask for you to give me anything for my birthday already, seeing as I was so heartless forgetting your birthday.

Happy 18th Birthday. Even though its a few days late. Being 18 is good ,rite? =)

p/s Countdown to my birthday: 2 DAYS

I want this!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009 |

I want that hat!!! I want it I want it I want it!!

Duno if I can find it at Malaysia though,its a Taiwan brand.

Going out later.. Have to take a few more photos for my assignment. AND re-take the photos I accidentally deleted.

Tata for now~ =)

Metal Teeth

Friday, July 10, 2009 |

I've never really thought that my braces has made me look more ugly. They sometimes reflect the light and make me seem like i got "hu ya", but other than that, everything was fine.

Until today.

I teeth gum are the kind that are born to stick out. When I smile they become more obvious. And today, I found out that with the metal things on my teeth, they make my teeth gum look even more obvious.

I hate the bones in my mouth.

And I still have half a year before I can free myself from metal-teeth. Guess I'll have to just bear with it.


Been so busy lately. Rushing for every assignment due date, while trying to find sometime to study for my Malaysian Studies exam.

In less than one week, I'll be on holidays! Hurray for me!

But I still have to go back and work 5hours per week for my telemarketing thing. *sighs*

Countdown to the day I turn 18 : 5 days!

Best pic of the day

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 |

Went photo shooting again on Sunday. But this time we went to Putrajaya. So many roads there I almost got lost.

Putrajaya is just SO beautiful. All the scenery and building and plants and trees. Too bad the weather wasn't so good that day.

If anyone is considering doing 外拍, try Putrajaya. It has so many different places that are so nice!

Best pic of the day. Fake ocean and fake sand. XD

p/s I suck at taking photos of anything. EXCEPT for people.

p/p/s Thanks Fen and Mian so much =)


Monday, July 6, 2009 |

不過還是很帥啦 哈哈


大家期待已久 終于也都結束了


演唱會大成功 =)



Birthday Present Wishlist

Friday, July 3, 2009 |

My birthday's in less than half a month! I'm finally becoming 18! Though 18 sounds kinda old to me.

Anyway, here's my birthday present wish list :

1. Blackberry cell phone
2. RMK liquid foundation
3. Car accessories: (car perfume, head rest pillow, car seat cover, cushions...etc.)

4. Secret Recipe Chocolate Banana cake

5. A cap!!!!

6. A new bag maybe.. For college =)

7. 1 year worth car oil money (note: my car uses around RM50 per week)

8. New pair of high heels

9. Tiffany bracelet

10. Lastly but not least, no more telemarketing!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo~

I'm not expecting to get any of these things for my birthday anyway. It's all just a big fake joke. Let a girl just dream, okay?

A simple "Happy Birthday" would be good enough from all you guys!

I only get to be 18 once in my whole life. Don't blame me for trying to make it unforgettable. =)

countdown : 12 days to go
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