Monday, June 22, 2009 |

I worry a lot. I really do.

Like how I worried the whole way to school today. I worried about everything that was going to happen on me. I worried when I didn't know what I was going to do, who I was going to meet after this.

My "work" started finally at 11am after I got kicked around like a ball from one staff to another. Tele-marketing turned out to be okay. I had to call some people who left their names during any roadshow of Segi, and invite them to come visit the campus and meet with the counselors.

What was hard was that I actually had to make at least 2 appointments with these people every week. I hate these kinds of jobs.

People who know me should know that I don't really like talking on the phone. I hate the silence when both parties don't talk. And having the stress of achieving some kind of target. I rather be stapling paper or organizing letters!!!

And there are still a lot of things that I have totally no idea of! There seems to be so many procedures in the Telemarketing department. I kept doing things wrong. T.T I wonder how worse I'll do on Friday.

And all the phone calls I made today went : "Sorry. Wrong number."

I didn't get a chance to try INVITING anyone here at all. Although I doubt that I can actually convince them to come.

I'm not an expert in sweet talking.


To make things worse, our whole class got kicked out of photography this afternoon. Most of the people were chatting among themselves while the teacher was trying to show us some examples of the assignments.

As you can predict, the teacher got mad and eventually kicked all of us out. No one got to sign the attendance at all.

It's really not fair! I was tired and frustrated with the telemarketing that time, so I sat on my place being totally blank. But I was quiet! I made no noise at all! I even tried to listen to him and watch all the examples carefully.

Like how there was one photo of 4 different cigarette boxes. And the photo of a fried chicken (or duck?) on the plate.

It's not like I could control the volume of people chatting around me! This is so totally unfair.

I feel bad for Mr. Fauzi. They blamed him of kicking us out of the class when they were the ones who were chatting while not concentrating in class which caused us being kicked out. No one respects him, and a lot of people don't really respect this subject either. Some people just decide to use their outside friend's photos as their assignments. Where's the fun if they do so?

Photographing is supposed to be fun. And feeling great. Like how I felt when I looked back at the photos I took of Fen, which was a very successful feeling. The experience of going around to take photos from different angles, with different subjects and getting to see things in a whole new way then how we used to.

But Mr. Fauzi's teaching method has a lot of problems too.

College is so complicated.

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  1. xiang its just some people they don know how to value how fun/interesting the sub is. they just don have brains and make the others couldnt enjoy the sub. coll is complicated. you'll get used to it... :)


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