48 hours a day?

Saturday, June 20, 2009 |

Spent the evening photo shooting. Thanks Fen for being my model, F.O.C. With the bright and sunny sunshine and the weird eying of people passing by. Thanks a lot, really.

The photos are great. And you don't look fat. =)

At least that's a finish for a part of my assignments. One down, a lot more to go.


Don't you all feel that we get more and more quiet after we start our college life? We keep quiet most the time, even if we have hundreds or thousands of things we want to say.

Is it really cause we have nothing to talk to each other anymore...?

My dad said I've matured a lot these few weeks. That I'm starting to see things from different angles compared to before. Is that so? All I've been doing is complaining everyday I come home.

Like what I'm gonna do now: complain.

Starting from Monday I have to work 5 hours per week at Segi College. 5 hours!!! I broke it up into 2 hours on Mon and 3 hours on Fri. Haiz. Guess I just have to pay the price of them letting me free of charge for almost everythin.

And the 3.2 every sem. Can I really achieve that mark?????

Why is it I'm stressed all a sudden?

I'm tired. Every night I fall into bed and close my eyes and I sleep immediately. Even sleeping is like a waste of time to me. I keep getting the feeling that I should sleep less and use that time to do more things.

I wish I had 48 hours a day.

It's not that I'm very VERY busy. I just need some time to slow the pace down.


Heard every song in "I am Legend". Can't download them yet but I liked the R&B song "One Way"

It's kinda unfair xiao jie didn't write a lot of the songs in the album. (while wangzi wrote like 2 or 3)

I need a break. =.= And actually listen to all the songs.

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