Wednesday, June 17, 2009 |

My life is simple. If i had to describe my life with a line, the line would 100% be straight. No curves, no ups and downs. That's just how simple my life is.

One free, no-class day today. And I spent half of this wonderful day painting. I painted till my back hurt! But still haven't finish all 4 paintings.

I don't even feel like mentioning my photography assignments. They keep on coming, piling higher and higher! Sometimes photographs are hard to capture...and even if I take hundreds of photos, only 1 might be nice or suitable for my assignment requirement.

That's why I still have 200 photos to take. =.=

My msn is open. And I'm putting available. 25 friends. But none of them are the people I wanna chat with.

Where's Yaw and Wai Yan and Fen???? Haven't seen them on for ages.

I've got a presentation on Friday. Hopefully the other members of my group will do a good job. Despite the fact that we don't seem like a group at all.

p/s my blog sounds boring. What happened to my god damn English??????


  1. sienz ah?
    come take photo on me la..

  2. Sometimes a simple life is what most of the people pursue of, so u should feel gratified to have it now. But actually I don't think ur life is just such boring and simple, obstacles and challenges are going to come in the journey of ur study, so u should have the preparation in the aspect of mental and physical. Presentation? Hope u will can do it as well as u can la, but don't give too much pressure on urself, or else the result would be upside down, but anyway, I think u can do it well, all the best and good luck!! =)

  3. LOL xiang~
    i m here~ XD
    I m volunteer to be ur model~ XD
    Free Of Charge~ =)

  4. haha
    xw when r u goin to take photo of them?
    XD XD

    yaw is here yaw is here..

  5. im sorry! know your undergoing alot of stress. blame it on streamyx is fucking retarded. banned me from online-ing for 1 whole week. zzzz...anyway waiyan is back and available for xiang anytime. :)


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