Putrajaya Half-Day Trip

Saturday, June 13, 2009 |

Went to Putrajaya today with my parents. It's been like, 3 years since the last time I went there. Every thing's still the same.

Actually I went there to take photos for my assignment. Too bad half the photos I took were useless. They were nice, but they weren't what I wanted.

Some photos of today...

While I was taking some photos alone (mum and dad hidden under some shade where sun couldn't find them). A bunch of Malay boys asked me "Where you from? China?"

I told them " I come from KL." Funny mistake. I must have looked like some tourist photo-ing everywhere.

Then we headed for lunch at the underground level of the mosque. I saw some guys there, from CIMB Bank, carrying bags that had a large stick and poster sticking out of it.


Me, being the busy body I am, went over immediately. Turned out I had to open my bluetooth and receive a puzzle game, then solve the puzzle. The person who got the fastest time would be awarded RM50.

So I finished the game in 1 minute 16 seconds. Felt like burying myself in the hole when i wrote my name and found out there was some guy who finished it in 10.6 seconds. Kinda hard to believe.

After lunch we went to see a crystal shop's exhibition. The crystals were HUGE. And cheap too.

At that very time, the CIMB guy called me. I got third place for the puzzle competition and they asked me to go to their counter to get my prize. And so I got RM20, just for playing a game. Really easy money.

(My dad kept on saying that they wanted to go home early because it was raining, so they just ended the whole event as soon as they got 3 contestants.)

Went to South City Plaza afterward, and had a walk around the Bonzai Exhibition. The plants and rocks were really nice. Especially the creativity and imagination of the creators.


A guy reading at night


Busy day tomorrow also. Me and Fen and Fei are going to meet Hai Yang!

I should wear high heels. Just in case I'll look short beside tat 180cm guy. Teehee.

p/s Anyone wanna be my model for photography assignment??? =)

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  1. I hope to help u too, but I'm very busy currently... so sorry...


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