Thursday, June 18, 2009 |

My first Presentation tomorrow at Malaysian Studies. Thanks god we didn't have to wear formal clothing and all. Preparing for it was already enough torture.

Not that the topic was hard. The topic was actually quite easy: "Malaysian Provision in the Malaysian Constitution" Mainly about Malaysia's law and all.

What was hard was the fact that I had to do two group's work instead of one!

At least I knew what my group's topic was! But to help the other group I had to understand their topic TOO! My brain can't take that much at one time!!!

But I was too good to refuse. (Plus the fact that they totally leaned on me for help. I was scared they'd fail this presentation if I didn't help out a bit. No offence, guys.)

I really hope that they'll stop looking up at me just because of my SPM results. It's getting stressful and embarrassing. I'm same as all of you also.

I don't want this kind of treatment!!!! T.T

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