I'm gonna faint

Saturday, June 6, 2009 |

5/6/09 Sungei Wang 終極天團造勢活動

To think they're actually on the same ground I'm standing on. Breathing in the same air, under the same sky...............

Too bad I couldn't actually see them with my own eyes.

Just saw them live on 8TV. 4 songs and 3 were dancing songs. They must be super tired.

And I can't stop "!!!!!"-ing to wai yan at my msn. I'm just that excited. Wishing to my lucky star, that I can actually meet Xiao Jie someday. =)

Aku cinta pada kamu semua jugak XD

6/19 棒棒堂第二張專輯 《我是傳奇》 全亞洲同步發行


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