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Saturday, June 27, 2009 |

Me and Wailing's score. We made the highest score! Whee~

But almost immediately, Alex broke our record. *sobs*

2nd assignment for Color and Form class
formed a picture out of straight lines and colored in shades and tints of a single color

Random picture for Color and Form workbook
I titled it "Fairy dancing to the moon" (monochromatic color)

TK with boobs! 34F maybe? x)

And, p/s I hate telemarketing!

A Legend

Friday, June 26, 2009 |

I prefer Michael Jackson while he was still black. The white him just scares me.

But my opinion, no matter how many times I repeat it again and again, won't be important anymore. Now the subject of the opinion is gone, whatever I have said will disappear along with him.

I saw the news first at Nichole's blog, just before I went out to college. I really thought she was joking! Then I heard it on the news of the radio.

A lot of people loved him, but god loved him more.

That's all I can say.

Michael Joseph Jackson
(1958-08-29)1958 - 2009

You may have gone
but your music will always live in everyone's heart


Monday, June 22, 2009 |

I worry a lot. I really do.

Like how I worried the whole way to school today. I worried about everything that was going to happen on me. I worried when I didn't know what I was going to do, who I was going to meet after this.

My "work" started finally at 11am after I got kicked around like a ball from one staff to another. Tele-marketing turned out to be okay. I had to call some people who left their names during any roadshow of Segi, and invite them to come visit the campus and meet with the counselors.

What was hard was that I actually had to make at least 2 appointments with these people every week. I hate these kinds of jobs.

People who know me should know that I don't really like talking on the phone. I hate the silence when both parties don't talk. And having the stress of achieving some kind of target. I rather be stapling paper or organizing letters!!!

And there are still a lot of things that I have totally no idea of! There seems to be so many procedures in the Telemarketing department. I kept doing things wrong. T.T I wonder how worse I'll do on Friday.

And all the phone calls I made today went : "Sorry. Wrong number."

I didn't get a chance to try INVITING anyone here at all. Although I doubt that I can actually convince them to come.

I'm not an expert in sweet talking.


To make things worse, our whole class got kicked out of photography this afternoon. Most of the people were chatting among themselves while the teacher was trying to show us some examples of the assignments.

As you can predict, the teacher got mad and eventually kicked all of us out. No one got to sign the attendance at all.

It's really not fair! I was tired and frustrated with the telemarketing that time, so I sat on my place being totally blank. But I was quiet! I made no noise at all! I even tried to listen to him and watch all the examples carefully.

Like how there was one photo of 4 different cigarette boxes. And the photo of a fried chicken (or duck?) on the plate.

It's not like I could control the volume of people chatting around me! This is so totally unfair.

I feel bad for Mr. Fauzi. They blamed him of kicking us out of the class when they were the ones who were chatting while not concentrating in class which caused us being kicked out. No one respects him, and a lot of people don't really respect this subject either. Some people just decide to use their outside friend's photos as their assignments. Where's the fun if they do so?

Photographing is supposed to be fun. And feeling great. Like how I felt when I looked back at the photos I took of Fen, which was a very successful feeling. The experience of going around to take photos from different angles, with different subjects and getting to see things in a whole new way then how we used to.

But Mr. Fauzi's teaching method has a lot of problems too.

College is so complicated.

48 hours a day?

Saturday, June 20, 2009 |

Spent the evening photo shooting. Thanks Fen for being my model, F.O.C. With the bright and sunny sunshine and the weird eying of people passing by. Thanks a lot, really.

The photos are great. And you don't look fat. =)

At least that's a finish for a part of my assignments. One down, a lot more to go.


Don't you all feel that we get more and more quiet after we start our college life? We keep quiet most the time, even if we have hundreds or thousands of things we want to say.

Is it really cause we have nothing to talk to each other anymore...?

My dad said I've matured a lot these few weeks. That I'm starting to see things from different angles compared to before. Is that so? All I've been doing is complaining everyday I come home.

Like what I'm gonna do now: complain.

Starting from Monday I have to work 5 hours per week at Segi College. 5 hours!!! I broke it up into 2 hours on Mon and 3 hours on Fri. Haiz. Guess I just have to pay the price of them letting me free of charge for almost everythin.

And the 3.2 every sem. Can I really achieve that mark?????

Why is it I'm stressed all a sudden?

I'm tired. Every night I fall into bed and close my eyes and I sleep immediately. Even sleeping is like a waste of time to me. I keep getting the feeling that I should sleep less and use that time to do more things.

I wish I had 48 hours a day.

It's not that I'm very VERY busy. I just need some time to slow the pace down.


Heard every song in "I am Legend". Can't download them yet but I liked the R&B song "One Way"

It's kinda unfair xiao jie didn't write a lot of the songs in the album. (while wangzi wrote like 2 or 3)

I need a break. =.= And actually listen to all the songs.


Thursday, June 18, 2009 |

My first Presentation tomorrow at Malaysian Studies. Thanks god we didn't have to wear formal clothing and all. Preparing for it was already enough torture.

Not that the topic was hard. The topic was actually quite easy: "Malaysian Provision in the Malaysian Constitution" Mainly about Malaysia's law and all.

What was hard was the fact that I had to do two group's work instead of one!

At least I knew what my group's topic was! But to help the other group I had to understand their topic TOO! My brain can't take that much at one time!!!

But I was too good to refuse. (Plus the fact that they totally leaned on me for help. I was scared they'd fail this presentation if I didn't help out a bit. No offence, guys.)

I really hope that they'll stop looking up at me just because of my SPM results. It's getting stressful and embarrassing. I'm same as all of you also.

I don't want this kind of treatment!!!! T.T


Wednesday, June 17, 2009 |

My life is simple. If i had to describe my life with a line, the line would 100% be straight. No curves, no ups and downs. That's just how simple my life is.

One free, no-class day today. And I spent half of this wonderful day painting. I painted till my back hurt! But still haven't finish all 4 paintings.

I don't even feel like mentioning my photography assignments. They keep on coming, piling higher and higher! Sometimes photographs are hard to capture...and even if I take hundreds of photos, only 1 might be nice or suitable for my assignment requirement.

That's why I still have 200 photos to take. =.=

My msn is open. And I'm putting available. 25 friends. But none of them are the people I wanna chat with.

Where's Yaw and Wai Yan and Fen???? Haven't seen them on for ages.

I've got a presentation on Friday. Hopefully the other members of my group will do a good job. Despite the fact that we don't seem like a group at all.

p/s my blog sounds boring. What happened to my god damn English??????

I am Legend

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 |

The MV is just so cool! Rushed to watch it today morning before going to school.

I'm really speechless! Everyone looked so cool in the MV!

But I still don't like xiao jie's curly hair.... watsup with him and curly hair recently...? *sweat*

Putrajaya Half-Day Trip

Saturday, June 13, 2009 |

Went to Putrajaya today with my parents. It's been like, 3 years since the last time I went there. Every thing's still the same.

Actually I went there to take photos for my assignment. Too bad half the photos I took were useless. They were nice, but they weren't what I wanted.

Some photos of today...

While I was taking some photos alone (mum and dad hidden under some shade where sun couldn't find them). A bunch of Malay boys asked me "Where you from? China?"

I told them " I come from KL." Funny mistake. I must have looked like some tourist photo-ing everywhere.

Then we headed for lunch at the underground level of the mosque. I saw some guys there, from CIMB Bank, carrying bags that had a large stick and poster sticking out of it.


Me, being the busy body I am, went over immediately. Turned out I had to open my bluetooth and receive a puzzle game, then solve the puzzle. The person who got the fastest time would be awarded RM50.

So I finished the game in 1 minute 16 seconds. Felt like burying myself in the hole when i wrote my name and found out there was some guy who finished it in 10.6 seconds. Kinda hard to believe.

After lunch we went to see a crystal shop's exhibition. The crystals were HUGE. And cheap too.

At that very time, the CIMB guy called me. I got third place for the puzzle competition and they asked me to go to their counter to get my prize. And so I got RM20, just for playing a game. Really easy money.

(My dad kept on saying that they wanted to go home early because it was raining, so they just ended the whole event as soon as they got 3 contestants.)

Went to South City Plaza afterward, and had a walk around the Bonzai Exhibition. The plants and rocks were really nice. Especially the creativity and imagination of the creators.


A guy reading at night


Busy day tomorrow also. Me and Fen and Fei are going to meet Hai Yang!

I should wear high heels. Just in case I'll look short beside tat 180cm guy. Teehee.

p/s Anyone wanna be my model for photography assignment??? =)


Friday, June 12, 2009 |

Its been a long time since i updated my blog. There were times where I really wanted to write something, but nothing seemed interesting enough. My life is just plain boring.

I've been busy for almost the whole week. College stuff, going out every holiday I get... things that don't SEEM tiring but actually turned out to be keep on coming up.

Busy, but yet so empty.

Maybe I'm just a too good person. And maybe I just need some time to warm up to people.

There's one big hell of a rock pressing down on my heart. And its fucking uncomfortable.

Busy weekend coming up!

Follow me again...please?

Monday, June 8, 2009 |

I changed my blog url address. Because stupid friendster couldn't read the "-" sign in my url. So zzzzz.

Somehow I know that people following me can't follow me in some way anymore after I change my url. So people following me, follow me again, k =)

Thanks very much and sorry for the inconvinence...

I'm gonna faint

Saturday, June 6, 2009 |

5/6/09 Sungei Wang 終極天團造勢活動

To think they're actually on the same ground I'm standing on. Breathing in the same air, under the same sky...............

Too bad I couldn't actually see them with my own eyes.

Just saw them live on 8TV. 4 songs and 3 were dancing songs. They must be super tired.

And I can't stop "!!!!!"-ing to wai yan at my msn. I'm just that excited. Wishing to my lucky star, that I can actually meet Xiao Jie someday. =)

Aku cinta pada kamu semua jugak XD

6/19 棒棒堂第二張專輯 《我是傳奇》 全亞洲同步發行

We're all just human

Thursday, June 4, 2009 |

Sometimes people say things because they just can't bear other people being better than themselves at it.

Sometimes they say things because they just don't know that the things are inappropriate.

Sometimes they even say things just because they're used to saying it everyday.

It's something everyone of us does. That's why we're human.

I'm just the lucky one that gets to observe others, and correct myself from all the bad examples I see. What can't kills you makes you stronger.

And I don't think I'm crazy or nuts just because I got A in a certain subject.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009 |

I need your help!! URGENT!

Please answer this question:
" What is your least favorite color? Why?"

I need a reasonable reason and only one color.

Reply me through my cbox, leave a comment here, send a message to me at Facebook or Friendster, you can even sms me if you want to.

My assignment marks are depending on this, guys, so please help me out here!

And please don't give me a strange answer like "Blue because I don't have blue clothes in my wardrobe."

I swear I will find you out and kick your butt.

p/s Thanks Nicholas for the nice answer =)

Too-long fingernails

Monday, June 1, 2009 |

This is my palm.

I'm not suddenly interested in palm reading.

I just wanted to show the red marks on it. My own fingernails cut my own flesh. Sad news to hear. Its almost like I'm a auto sadism person or something.

My fingernails are getting too long and I'm lazy to cut them off. I can't sms or type on my keyboard if my fingernails suddenly went short.

Sounds weird right? But you know what's even weird? The fact that I used to bite my fingernails when i was small!

How did I change from a nail-bitting person to a won't-bear-to-see-her-fingernails-too-short person????? I wonder too....

Ah Yen said long fingernails make the fingers look longer. I totally agree with that. =)

Anyway my hand hurts and I'm gonna stop doing my notes. Yippeeeeee.... a perfect excuse to convince myself to stop. LOL.
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