MSN traffic jam

Monday, May 4, 2009 |

I was bored at home, so i decided to open my public msn to see if there was anything in there or someone to chat with. I have a private one for real-life friends only. I'm sick of people nudging and asking you to intro all the time.

I signed in.

Then my whole computer went STUCK!!!!!

Vista really hangs man.

I had to wait for like 5 minutes before my computer went back to normal. I was almost about to shut it down already.

Then small little green fellows started appearing one by one on my task bar. Small little green ppl that held a "+" sign.

Boxes popped up. One by one. In the end there were 32 friend requests. My task bar had to crack up and duplicate itself into two. By then i had two task bars. (But you can't see the 2nd one. It's hidden itself up.)

(click for larger image)

And i had to press OK 1 by 1. Not including waiting for the computer to recover every time someone's msn who got a virus or somthing popped up with a stupid message like "I have your naked pics" or "Give me some opinion on these photos".  

It's really getting to my nerves already.

And Vista hangs A LOT.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. *Grabs a pillow and punches it.*


  1. Me oso use vista...But still ok la...Maybe bcos 2 many programs open suddenly~

  2. ohhhh xiang have sooO many admirers. i jealous. *pouts
    hahahahahahah. x)


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