Mother's Day Present

Friday, May 8, 2009 |

Been busy making my mum's mother's day present. And it's hard to keep all the things hidden when all my materials are downstairs.

I'm running out of time!!!!

And my present turned out to be harder to make than I thought. Just in case there are people who duno, mother's day is this Sunday (10/5). At least wish your mum "Happy Mother's Day" if you don't happen to have any gifts to give. =)

unfinished fake flowers

side view

That's right, I made fake flowers. Real flowers were too expensive and hard to find.

Mainly made out of
1. paper (yellow, pink, white and blue for the flowers, green for the leaves)
2. green color straws (the kind that bends at the middle top)
3. grape color thin sugar paper
4. shiny shiny red paper.

And A LOT of sticky tape.

Of course that isn't my only gift. But let's leave the surprise for Sunday. =)

p/s my bro and sis did help out-a bit. At least my sis helped me fold the flowers.


  1. xiang your so creative! *bows down to you. :)

  2. xw u reali got heart ^_^

    I think v just go out for dinner on dat day..

  3. yep, i am looking mother's day present for my mon


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