Malaysian Studies + Color and Form

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 |

First time I had class at 9am. Woke up at 7:30am and rushed out of the house. There were a hell lot of cars on the road, car jams at almost everywhere. Got to college barely in time.

Malaysian Studies was the first class of the day, and the lecturer was Mr. Zakaria. Other than the classroom being too cold and too small for the cavity of 60 people, all was fine. Malaysian Studies turned out to be HISTORY and a little more. God save me, I've forgotten everything I've read from my Sejarah books!!!

Somehow I just have the feeling I won't be actually agreeing with Mr. Z's political/religion views in a few ways.

After 2 hours rest time we had Color and Form taught by Mr.Roslan. The class was way more fun compared to others. Too bad we didn't get to do any coloring in class as there wasn't enough time.

And we got our 1st-sorta-assignment. Not that thats something to be excited about. XD

College classes are WAY BETTER than high school classes. Guess it goes with the money. =.='''


  1. History~
    haiz~ I hate it. ><
    U so good, got coloring class =3=
    like kindergarden XD

  2. college classes is nice cos got aircond. Lol

  3. enjoy ur school life lar...^^


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