Saturday, May 23, 2009 |

I feel lonely.

Not just because my best friend is leaving.

College is lonely too. New friends just aren't old friends. And everyone seems like strangers to you. Groups of people are forming up around you while you're still standing alone, watching them.

Someone told me I worried too much. That i was worrying about stupid things that were not my own business.

But I can't help but worry. My life is full of worries.

Save me...?


  1. My life is full of worries too xw TT

    anyway I will miss u guys
    Cyber cafe there will earn my money next week..

    Bye TT

  2. I'm lonely too~ >.<
    (Although i got mei foong n pui sun)
    Thats why i so 'zhu dong' to know so guys...LOLS
    Xiang, be 'zhu dong' abit~ XD

    All the best to yaw~

  3. yeah worry too much. friends will come. im no good in making friends too. i remember i didnt really do anything then a group of friends form. you dont need alot of friends actually. and i'll always be here if you need anything. =)
    p/s: freaking miss yaw! TT

  4. one day later.....new friends will slowly become old friend. What to worry...


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